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6. September 2017
Geschriebenes: Brief an eine Brauerei
25. September 2017

You get the best ideas while drunk…

Whether the following letter was a good idea, we´ll see. In any case: We sat together like every Thursday, played at cards and talked. One thing led to the other and baaam – I “was chosen” to write a letter to a local brewery – to get some free stuff for our man-cave, where our crackerbarrel is held every week.

Here´s the letter I wrote – have fun reading!


Dear brewery-team,

I’m writing to you today because of a rather unusual occasion and I really don’t know how to start. I write as the “idiot in charge”, mindfully selected by a circle of men to type this letter,  after the exuberant pleasure of loads of your wheat beer. But let´s start at the beginning:

We (that´s a group of about ten handsome men in their prime years) are in the process of setting up a so-called “man-cave”. In English: We like to sit together, play darts or cards and have a few beers. Therefore, we set up an old storage unit with a dart machine, corner seating and a table. As planing was done after building, the toilets and the bar will be added later. The main goal is to simply have a place to celebrate our “men’s night” every Thursday.

Since most of our money was spent on the mentioned dart machine (these things are freakin´ expensive!) and a vending machine (from a soft drink company, rather untypical, but keeps the beer cold), I wanted to ask if there are big-hearted people working for XXXXXX. People who can understand our situation – to get away from our better half for an evening a week. After all, she´s also happy to get some quiet time once in a while.

I was wondering if you would like to donate some useless little things from the warehouse… the stuff from the very back that nobody cares  about or even knows it’s still there. Wheat beer glasses, coasters, lamps, flags…we are thankful for everything that makes the room more homely – so far, we´ve got nothing!

You’re probably thinking:”Dammit, another bummer!” –And at first I can only answer: “Yep!”, BUT: I’m an author that’s why I was “chosen” also) and can offer you to put the whole process online on my website, including a picture of about ten (handsome) smiling men’s faces (and hearts). Of course, the whole thing is spread through all social channels and before you even know it, Bavaria will be reminded how great the people at XXXXXX are. Not that they would need it, of course! After all, the last sentence was just a joke. However, it would be an unusual and special kind of marketing from which both parties can benefit.

Please consider my proposal. I´m looking forward to hearing from you!


With friendly cheers!


Christian-Lothar Ludwig


I let you know if something comes up!

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Update 22.10.2017:


Meanwhile, a package has arrived from the brewery: Wheat beer glasses, various brewery articles as bottle openers, playing cards etc. and a voucher for a crate of beer. So, it really worked! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to mention the brewery – as a protection against envious people. Too bad!



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