Schnappschüsse – 9/2021
23. October 2021

In this post you will find the highlights of my mobile phone pictures from September 2021. In my blog you will also find posts from April, May, June July and August 2021. By the way: If you want to be informed about the publication of my blog posts, I recommend an RSS feed or to follow me on my author page on Facebook. But now have fun with my snapshots:

A ladybug on a flower, while I was out for a walk.

A rogue who sees something dirty here.

This is the Harburg in Harburg, very close to where I live. A guided tour of the castle is highly recommended.

A night in Munich, photo of the Theresienwiese without Oktoberfest.

Does anyone outside of Bavaria know what a Bazi is? It’s not lemonade, actually.

The carrot harvest.

My sunflowers.

The perspective is beautiful, I think.

The Porta Negra in Trier. I was there for a reading of “The Pencils in My Drawer“.

I only had a little time, so I hardly know anything about the city. Here are some snapshots.

That’s Strasbourg. I was there for a few days because of work. A very beautiful city, especially the cathedral is impressive.

In a bar – Please throw up here.

The cathedral at night.

A cat that visited me in my AirBnB. She also came into the flat, but only until she noticed me.

An old carousel in the centre of Strasbourg.

I used to see these insects all the time, now it’s a rarity.

I never knew how Brussels sprouts grow. Like this:

Here are a few more pictures from Karlovy Vary, more in the article from August.

The Orthodox Church.

Tes, me and a kissy.

The city centre in Karlovy Vary.

Goulash soup in a loaf of bread, very tasty.

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!


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