Schnappschüsse – 6/2021
4. July 2021
Reading: Trier spielt – The Pencils in my Drawer
8. October 2021

Today I got the third post of the category “Snapshots” for you. I’ll show you some pictures that I took with my phone camera last month and link the pictures to a short explanation. You are welcome to get more impressions about me in the posts from May and April 2021, or follow me on my author page on Facebook. However, I mainly post links to my blog there.

So here’s the third post with snapshots from June 2021. Enjoy! By the way, I’m happy about comments of any kind!


Enjoying the sun at the quarry pond

A short visit to Munich

My Uncle’s Pizza Oven

Tes and I in the furniture store

One of numerous beer garden visits

The first tomatoes of 2021

The book tells the story of a child suffering from cancer. Very touching, very motivating, highly recommended. My favourite sentence: “For two years we looked into hell. There sit small, brave children with bald heads and vomit. To all of them I wish heaven with all my heart. They deserve it.” 

Some postcards I discovered at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. This one says: If you are not feeling well, come to Bavaria. It won’t help, but you’ll be in Bavaria.

This is a Langos. Actually native to Hungary, I know the deep-fried dough patties because of the proximity of my Romanian birthplace to the Hungarian border. I always eat langos with salt only, but there are countless other variations – savoury or sweet.

I found the book interesting and it made me laugh a few times. Hypothetical questions are explained scientifically. The best thing about the book, however, are the interjected questions from fans that the author could not or would not answer. Partly disturbing, partly funny.

A ladybird in a flowering stinging nettle

A bird pooped IN (!) my home office – I had tilted the windows at night.

Another postcard from Munich, saying: Everybody ackknoledges when I am drunk, no one does when I am thirsty

A sleeping bastard tamarind

Me and a Buddy’s Dog – Shadow

Another Munich postcard – What a fucked up party, nobody is dancing – oh, wait – I am at work

The first of two pricks

You can hardly see him, but there’s a rabbit sitting by the fence

A ladybird in my garden

The flower of a courgette

The flower of a potato

Taken somewhere during my walk.

Which photo do you like best? Leave me a comment! Thank you and have a nice day! 


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