Reading: Trier spielt – The Pencils in my Drawer

Snapshots – 06/21
4. July 2021
Lesung: Trier spielt – Die Stifte in meiner Schublade
8. October 2021


Through my book “The Pencils in My Drawer“, which is dedicated to grief counselling, I often deal with grief counselors. Since they really like my story, I was invited by Lacrima to read in Trier at the beginning of September 2021. Every year, the event “Trier spielt” (Trier plays) takes place there. Throughout Trier’s city centre, stalls are set up offering all kinds of activities for children of different ages.

This year, Lacrima had a stall where you could either make a bracelet or listen to me read. However, the topic of grief was less popular with most of the visitors. After all, they wanted to have fun and not deal with emotional topics. I therefore only read “The pencils in my drawer” once and my bedtime story “How do dinosaurs sleep?” once. (and was probably able to make a childs day). One child didn’t want to hear a story from me, so his dad had to do the reading.

I had a lot of fun on that day! The ladies at the stall were all in a good mood, I had some nice conversations with children and adults and was able to get to know Trier a little. I have uploaded a few pictures. For data protection reasons, however, I made all faces unrecognizable.

The Lacrima stall with the Porta Negra in the background

The ladies from the stall and me, who of course looked into the wrong camera.

When setting up

Me reading “The Pencils in my Drawer”

My highlight of the day: Tom, who preferred to hear the bedtime story about dinosaurs.

At the stall, you could also manufacture a bracelet

There was a lot going on throughout the day

Once a dad had to read aloud himself, I was the wrong person to talk to.

A great action that inspired many!

A neighboring tree.

I hope the event will be repeated and that I will be invited with another book, or that it will come to an event where “The Pencils in My Drawer” fits better. In any case, I had a great day and would like to thank Melanie Hinze for arranging it and Margret Henn for the invitation (and the gifts, very tasty!).

By the way, if you want to book me for a reading, just contact me. You can find more information here.



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