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11. October 2021
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12. October 2021

Welcome to the fifth post in my “Snapshots” category. In this post you will find the highlights of the pictures I took with my phone camera within a month. I started this in April and have since published posts for May, June, and July. Accordingly, you will find my photos from August 2021 here.
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I was on holiday in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic in August. The last photo I took in August was at a local shooting range. My girl Theresa is shooting a pistol here for the first time. I tried out a sniper rifle and two pistols. Fun, but also sufficient.

When I spot my name on a bottle, I reflexively snap a photo.

This is in Marianske Lazne in the Czech Republic, a very beautiful town, with similarities to Karlovy Vary.

One of the hot springs in Karlovy Vary. You drink from sippy cups, the water tastes rather weird, but is said to have healing powers. Cheers.

This is Diana, situated a little above Karlovy Vary and a wonderful vantage point.

Here is a snapshot from the SLR, I didn’t have one of the view on my mobile phone.

Next to Diana there is a small indoor butterfly garden. I knew this species from Mompiche in Ecuador. The garden is okay, but too many people are allowed to see the animals at the same time, which leads to some dead specimens.

I like the upper one in particular.

The city centre in Karlovy Vary.

Before our vacation I bought a pair of leather trousers, I can recommend them.

At a concert at the Backstage in Munich – Oimara – especially those who speak the Bavarian language should check him out.

A courgette that had been hiding in the garden – 6.6 kilograms, shoe size 44 for comparison.

A ladybug on the balcony.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a beautiful sunset on a photo.

My usual walking route.

A good day of courgette harvesting. At the top right, you can see another piece of Hokkaido squash.

Potato harvest – three pieces became about thirty.

Thank you for reading this far! Enjoy the other posts and my books!




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