1. June 2019

Written: letter of indulgence

Hello! I was disguised as a monk at a historic festival and figured to do this historically accurate. So, I wrote a letter of indulgence that I wanted to sell to raise money for a charity organization. However, it has turned out that, as soon as you ask for donations, people get even more ignorant. Overall, I made 18 euros, which I’ll throw somewhere into a donation fund. Anyone who likes to read the letter will find it a bit further down. Tes and me in the middle age style:     The letter       One day, I will repeat this event, but in a different location.    C-L
25. September 2017

Written: A Letter to a brewery

You get the best ideas while drunk… Whether the following letter was a good idea, we´ll see. In any case: We sat together like every Thursday, played at cards and talked. One thing led to the other and baaam – I “was chosen” to write a letter to a local brewery – to get some free stuff for our man-cave, where our crackerbarrel is held every week. Here´s the letter I wrote – have fun reading!   Dear brewery-team, I’m writing to you today because of a rather unusual occasion and I really don’t know how to start. I write as the “idiot in charge”, mindfully selected by a circle of […]
15. August 2017

Written: E-Mail to a nursing home

Hello! In this article I would like to show you an open letter to the head of a care home. I wrote the following lines for someone from my closest circle of friends and family. They are about his father-in-law, who was suffering from dementia. The idea for this email came up in a conversation with a caregiver, but unfortunately it was never sent out. After the death of the aforementioned father-in-law, they simply wanted to be done with the situation and that´s perfectly understandable. However, as I like this text to be read and perhaps used by someone else, I hereby make it public. If you wish, you can copy, […]