Germany: Ulm
6. February 2018
Germany: Frankfurt
6. February 2018

Stuttgart – great for shopping

I’ve been to Stuttgart a couple of times, but never got a hold of the city. Even if you search Google for the best sights, they display the castle in Ludwigsburg – that somehow says something, right?

The Schlossplatz

We spent little time in the city and used it mainly for shopping. The sights in the city center are in my opinion limited to the new and old castle and a few barely noteworthy things. Otherwise, a visit to the Porsche and Mercedes Benz Museum is interesting for tourists. Apart from a few other museums, Stuttgart (at least for me) does not really offer anything out of the ordinary.

To pass the time I can still recommend the view from the TV tower, which was the world’s first TV tower with observation deck and cafe.

Then we went on to Frankfurt – we spent a day at the book fair and a day in the old town. By the way: The city is far more pleasant than I would have expected. Read on in my next post!

Advertising for a German TV series in the market hall



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