Germany: Stuttgart
6. February 2018
Germany: Muenster
6. February 2018

Germany: Frankfurt

The book fair

The book fair in Frankfurt has a over 500 year old tradition and is visited by around 280,000 people every year. A total of approximately 7300 exhibitors from over 100 countries are represented. At that time we decided to visit the entire fair in one day, so our stay was hectic. The enormous amount of visitors is, however, not noticeable on the huge fairgrounds and you can easily talk to almost all exhibitors. I was looking for an English publisher and I also found it. Otherwise, the fair offers what the spoiler  in the name promises: Everything about books! From authors, publishers and translators to reading assistants, you can find everything book-related at the fair.

The inner city

The city center offers a look into the old charm of the city with the “Roemer” and the adjoining buildings, the “Paul´s church” and the “Kaiserdom”. First documented in 794, 780,000 people now live in the largest city in Hesse. We were surprised by the first impression of the metropolis, which we only knew as a financial and exhibition center. The old town looks picturesque and is heavily frequented by tourists. We also visited the churches mentioned above and spent the rest of the sunny day on the banks of the Main. Unfortunately, there are relatively few pictures that you can find in the gallery above. By the way, the pictures are zoomable – just use the icons on the left side.

Next stop on our trip was Dortmund. There, we had rented an apartment to explore Cologne, Dusseldorf and Muenster. We hardly got anything to see from Dortmund, but more details to the topic in the next posts!


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