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6. February 2018
Germany: Dusseldorf
6. February 2018

Germany: Muenster

Muenster – much nicer than expected

Originally, a visit to the city with 300,000 inhabitants was not planed, but a spontaneous idea. In the end, we were both positively surprised by the university city. If you are interested in sights, you will find some interesting buildings like the historic town hall, the prince-bishop’s castle, the St. Lamberti church or St. Paul’s Cathedral. Directly behind the castle you will find a centuries-old botanical garden, that invites you to stroll and relax. In front of the castle is the Schlossplatz, where the funfair, the open-air cinema and alternately other events take place.

A lively town

Although we only spent a few hours on site, the first impression of Muenster was very clear: It is a very livable city. This may be due to the approximately 55,000 students, who gain their education here and shape the urban image a bit. Maybe that’s why the city has the following peculiarity: Since 2012 riding a bike drunk is punished with bicycle ban. You have to walk, so to speak, until you can prove that you are no longer drunk on your bike. To make matters worse, you can not even ride a horse to the pub – as they are considered as a means of transport, too.

To me, Muenster is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and I will certainly visit the town again! In my next post, I´d like to report about Dusseldorf.


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