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6. May 2021
Schnappschüsse – 4/2021
6. May 2021


I am going to distance myself more from social media, as think the machinations and guidelines of e.g. Facebook are insincere and destructive. I have already deleted Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter, but for now (!) I cannot avoid a small amount of Facebook use because of my author page. However, I will mainly post links to my blog there and expand my own homepage.

Accordingly, I have decided that once a month I will put a post online with pictures from my mobile phone. For each photo I will provide a little explanation: where I was, what it is, why I took it, etc. This way I want to give my readers an overall impression of me and show what I do when I’m not busy with books. I would like to start with the snapshots from April 2021, but since I hardly took any photos due to the pandemic, there are also some from February and March:


A tiger slug in my garden. It is a useful creature that feeds on slugs. By the way: its sexual organ is about 30 % the size of its total length.

I arranged by book shelf – do you know any of these books?

The second order of Playstation games in six weeks, I got a lot of time during the lockdown.

Breakfast with Fluffy Pancakes

After countless attempts, finally two papayas sprouted.

A lamp that I brought back from Morocco and rediscovered in the attic.

My plant growing station in an unused room – peppers, garlic, papaya, tamarillo and passion fruit.

Here you see tomatoes, bush beans, pumpkin and seedlings of the bastard tamarind (my favorite tree).

A birdhouse in which two blue tits are now nesting. The logo is from my crackerbarrel.

The first order of Playstation games, second-hand from

An order of special coffee from Hilo. I have it on weekends, always hand-grinded.

The post is quite short, but I’m just getting into the habit of taking more photos for my homepage. So the May post will be more detailed.










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