Music: Stick Figure

Musik: Stick Figure
17. August 2018
Ungarn – Budapest
26. October 2018

My favorite Reggae artist: Stick Figure

I like wholehearted music. In terms of styles, I am open and listen to bands of different genres in a mixture of rock, punk, rap, pop and whatelse sounds good to me, including reggae. I would like to introduce you to my favorite artist of this style: Stick Figure. To get you started, check out one of my favorites from the band’s repertoire – Sound of the Sea:

A one-man band with five members

The songs of Stick Figure are generally written and produced by frontman Steve Woodruff. For live performances, a five-member band comes together, consisting of the singer, a keyboardist, drummer, bassist and a second guitarist and backup singer. In addition, there is always a dog on the tour, who is called Cocoa, the tour dog and can be seen on the featured image. The band released their first album “The sound of my addiction” in 2006. Since then, five studio albums and an instrumental album have been published. By the way, you can listen to all albums at Bandcamp for free. For example the newest release “World on Fire“.  There als also a few musicvideos on the internet, like “Above the Storm”:

His way to produce music:

Scott Woodruff is a multi-talented instrumentalist and produces his music by recording instruments one by one and layering the tracks. He started like this as a one-man band in 2005 and kept that style to the present day. Top rankings in the reggae and billboard charts as well as the top album charts probably testify his talent and his dedication to the music.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to experience the band live, yet, as they are barely on stage in Europe and probably also not very popular. Hopefully that will change soon. Until then, check out my favorite song – Vibes Alive:

I hope you enjoy this artist as much as I do. If you like one album, you probably will like all of them. Have fun listening! By the way, the featured image was taken by Joe Wilson.















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