Here I´d like to introduce you to some of my favorite musicians and CDs

8. February 2021

My music 2021

My kind of music Music is very important to me. Whether I’m writing, lying in the sun, watering the garden or vacuuming, I always wear headphones and listen to music. That’s why I’d like to present you my favourite songs of 2021 and explain why the they are special to me. The same post is available from 2020, just follow the link to 2020. 03.07.2021 Tropidelics (ft. Dirty Heads) – Snowman I’ve only known the Tropidelics for a short time, but all the songs I’ve heard so far sound good. Especially this one and the one below: 03.07.2021 Tropidelic (ft. Matisyahu, Bumpin Uglies & The Elovaters) – New World Music for […]
1. July 2020

My music 2020

My kind of music Music is highly important to me. Whether I am writing, lying in the sun, watering the garden or vacuuming, I always have headphones on and music in my ears. That’s why I would like to present you my favourite songs and explain why some of them are special to me. I used to listen to rock in various forms only. In the meantime, I can’t name a favourite genre. I like guitars, I like violin, but I also like the 70s and 80s, hip hop, rap, reggae, ska and much more.  Just listen to my suggestions, you might find inspiration. 27.12.2020 Die roten Rosen – Weihnachtsmann vom […]
18. August 2018

Music: Stick Figure

My favorite Reggae artist: Stick Figure I like wholehearted music. In terms of styles, I am open and listen to bands of different genres in a mixture of rock, punk, rap, pop and whatelse sounds good to me, including reggae. I would like to introduce you to my favorite artist of this style: Stick Figure. To get you started, check out one of my favorites from the band’s repertoire – Sound of the Sea: A one-man band with five members The songs of Stick Figure are generally written and produced by frontman Steve Woodruff. For live performances, a five-member band comes together, consisting of the singer, a keyboardist, drummer, bassist and […]
15. August 2017

Music: Straigthline

How I got to know Straightline It’s been six years since a friend and I wanted to visit the “Backstage” in Munich on a Friday night. “Misconduct” from Sweden performed live, the entrance fee was less than ten euros and otherwise there wasn’t much else going on that night . At that time, two local bands played as support acts. We didn’t expect much from those bands, but wanted to see the headliner. What ultimately happened was indescribable. We got there just in time to watch the last few songs of the first band “Screed”. In the early evening the people in the “Backstage Club” were already going crazy. We were […]