31. January 2021

Interview – Childrensbooklist

Hello! In 2019, I gave an interview for “Childrensbooklist”. In the meantime, the homepage can no longer be found, so I am posting the interview here. I have also added a few comments, as I would now answer some questions differently.     As a writer, How can you identify when is the right time to write? I work on multiple projects at once – this way, it is always the right time to work on one of them. I got some about happiness (Being happy with Nevis, Orla Octopus), some are about coping with sorrow (The pencils in your drawer). Others tell about nature (Sarya) or about life and racism […]
11. August 2020

Interview – Emotionbooksworld

Hello! I gave an interview to the Facebook page Emotionbooksworld, which I would like to publish on my blog, too. Have fun with the short interview. Also have a look at my other blog posts, convince yourself of my books or read my poems. Have fun!    When the story takes shape in your head, what comes first? Figures that you would like to breathe life into and then tailor a story to fit them? Or is it more about telling a story and you create the characters to fit the story? That always varies. In “Being Happy with Nevis” the main character was first inspired by “the very hungry caterpillar. […]