31. January 2021

Interview – Childrensbooklist

Hello! In 2019, I gave an interview for “Childrensbooklist”. In the meantime, the homepage can no longer be found, so I am posting the interview here. I have also added a few comments, as I would now answer some questions differently.     As a writer, How can you identify when is the right time to write? I work on multiple projects at once – this way, it is always the right time to work on one of them. I got some about happiness (Being happy with Nevis, Orla Octopus), some are about coping with sorrow (The pencils in your drawer). Others tell about nature (Sarya) or about life and racism […]
1. June 2019

Written: letter of indulgence

Hello! I was disguised as a monk at a historic festival and figured to do this historically accurate. So, I wrote a letter of indulgence that I wanted to sell to raise money for a charity organization. However, it has turned out that, as soon as you ask for donations, people get even more ignorant. Overall, I made 18 euros, which I’ll throw somewhere into a donation fund. Anyone who likes to read the letter will find it a bit further down. Tes and me in the middle age style:     The letter       One day, I will repeat this event, but in a different location.    C-L
25. September 2017

Written: A Letter to a brewery

You get the best ideas while drunk… Whether the following letter was a good idea, we´ll see. In any case: We sat together like every Thursday, played at cards and talked. One thing led to the other and baaam – I “was chosen” to write a letter to a local brewery – to get some free stuff for our man-cave, where our crackerbarrel is held every week. Here´s the letter I wrote – have fun reading!   Dear brewery-team, I’m writing to you today because of a rather unusual occasion and I really don’t know how to start. I write as the “idiot in charge”, mindfully selected by a circle of […]
15. August 2017

Written: E-Mail to a nursing home

Hello! In this article I would like to show you an open letter to the head of a care home. I wrote the following lines for someone from my closest circle of friends and family. They are about his father-in-law, who was suffering from dementia. The idea for this email came up in a conversation with a caregiver, but unfortunately it was never sent out. After the death of the aforementioned father-in-law, they simply wanted to be done with the situation and that´s perfectly understandable. However, as I like this text to be read and perhaps used by someone else, I hereby make it public. If you wish, you can copy, […]