14. February 2021

Coaching – Lynkube

Hello! I was contacted a few weeks ago by Chahat Surtani from Delhi in India. She works for Lynkube, a community dedicated to promoting children’s interests. The website provides a learning, engagement and mentoring platform for students that focus on extracurricular activities and, along the way, builds independent communities of interest for students across the country. I was asked if I would like to share writing experiences with about 15-20 children aged 8-12. Sure thing! So I dialed into a meeting on 13th February 2021, talked to the facilitator Richa Singh first and waited until the children joined. That’s when things got really lively, and it was easy to notice that […]
11. January 2020

How I started writing

I wrote the following lines for an interview for “Die Zeilenflüsterin” on Facebook. The task was to write a personal story that might interest my readers. I decided to share how I started writing. How I started writing I was born in Romania in 1986 and moved to Germany when I was four years old, after the Wall fell. I grew up like the other children, but with small differences in tradition, food and a different relationship with friends and family. In my eyes, my family had a closer connection than those of the other children. To me, the clannishness seemed stronger. We helped and supported the others unasked. In my […]