6. May 2021

Snapshots – 4/2021

Hello I am going to distance myself more from social media, as think the machinations and guidelines of e.g. Facebook are insincere and destructive. I have already deleted Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter, but for now (!) I cannot avoid a small amount of Facebook use because of my author page. However, I will mainly post links to my blog there and expand my own homepage. Accordingly, I have decided that once a month I will put a post online with pictures from my mobile phone. For each photo I will provide a little explanation: where I was, what it is, why I took it, etc. This way I want to give […]
31. January 2021

Photography – Instagram

Hello! I love taking photos, but deleted my Instagram account. So, I uploaded all photos to this post, sorted by the years I posted them on Instagram. If you have any questions about the pictures, write me an email and attach the corresponding shot. You’ll find the address next tothe social media buttons at the bottom right  or at the bottom of the menu.   2020   You can find the pictures from 2019 on the next page: