12. February 2018

Ecuador: Tena – Amazon

Tena – the gate to the Amazon The observation tower in Tena Tena is a city with 20,000 inhabitants and located on the border to the Amazon. Most tourists come to the area to participate in guided expeditions to the rain forest. They offer tours between one and fourteen days and can also adjust to your individual needs. Otherwise, the most popular tourist activity is kayaking and you can see a lot of cars driving through the streets, packed with canoes. A snapshot of the city, on the right the island with the park The sights Unfortunately, there are not a lot of sights in the city. Mainly the “La Isla […]
3. September 2017

Morocco: Casablanca

First steps in Casablanca We took a bus from Essaouira to Casablanca, got out at the bus station and took a cab to the city center. The first contact with a local was a passerby, who kindly reminded me to put my mobile phone away: I was in Casablanca, after all. A strange start into this world-famous city. Still, I can say I felt as safe as anywhere else and the passerby seems to have only meant well. Die Hassan-II. mosque A wonderful host When we arrived in the medina, we were surprised, as the urban image was very different to Essaouira. The streets were dirty, crowds pushed through the narrow […]