Netherlands – Amsterdam
7. May 2021
Schnappschüsse – 5/2021
4. June 2021


As I wrote in my last Snapshots post, I want to be less active on social media and focus on my homepage instead. You can still find my author page on Facebook. However, I mainly post links to my blog there.

In the Snapshots category, I will post a monthly article with pictures from my mobile phone. For each photo you’ll get a little explanation: where I was, what it is, why I took the pic, etc. This way I want to give you a better overall impression of me and show you what I do when I’m not doing anything with books.

So here comes the second post full of snapshots from May 2021. Enjoy! By the way, I am happy about comments of any kind!


Finally sun bathing and barbecue

A bird showing off his tail – made on my balcony

I like the colour of the beetle

Three bastard tamarind seedlings. The tree closes its leaves at night and “goes to sleep” – a fascinating plant

My garden. It looks chaotic to some, but I like it.

I pulled the beetle out of a puddle while walking and tested the macro settings of my camera.

My first radishes

A stork above the roofs of Wemding

A short visit to Neuburg on the Danube

The German test print for Painting Black has arrived. The book is really cute!

“Understanding Bavaria for Beginners” is the subtitle of the book. It is pleasant to read, but I would have liked more dialect and more wit.

I have been thinking about bying the TrachtMan comics for some time. I recently ordered them from PlemPlemProductions in Bavarian. I can recommend them, they also exist in English.

I borrowed the book by Marc-Uwe Kling and read it. It is well written, but without a moral, which is severely lacking – at least for me. By the way: The book is about an unicorn, that always says no to everything.

The Banksy print in my hallway. One of my favourite motifs by the street artist

A salt stone lamp in the living room

I am happy about every comment, every contact and every sold book and would like to say thank you right now!


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