Living consciously

22. June 2018

Conscious Living 3: Being Happy

Being happy, is that so difficult? What is happiness? How do you define it and how do you recognize it, when you see it standing in front of you? Simple […]
30. June 2018

Conscious Living 4: Try out something new

Try out something new What prevents us from trying something new? Are our friends guilty of constantly visiting the same old restaurants and bars? Do we not check out the […]
6. July 2018

Conscious Living 5: Being alone

Being alone Countless people have a hard time being alone with themselves and their thoughts. It is probably because of this, that we distract ourselves as much as possible with […]
14. July 2018

Conscious Living 6: Positivity

My food tastes not bad! “The food is not bad!” – “The concert was not bad!” – “His talent is not bad!” These sentences are perfectly normal in the English […]
22. July 2018

Conscious Living 7: Feeling

Do you feel yourself? “How are you feeling today?”, is a phrase you barely hear. Although some days do feel better and some worse. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable in places, […]
5. August 2018

Conscious Living 9: Shopping

Shopping and consciousness Consciousness can be lived always and everywhere, especially in everyday life. Let us examine a daily process such as shopping: How can you consciously design your shopping […]
12. August 2018

Conscious Living 10: Schools and learning

What´s your easiest way of learning? How does a person learn the easiest way? Is there a manual, fitting to everybody or does each individual need different methods? If everyone […]
19. August 2018

Conscious Living 11: The church

Association, community, sect, cult, church? What do you think of an association, that has about 200 billion euros in the bank, monthly demands a membership fee in the form of […]
26. August 2018

Conscious Living 12: Sand

Sand and consciousness? “Why does this dude write an article about consciousness and suddenly talks about sand?”, some will probably think. Finally, sand is everywhere, in some countries it is […]
2. September 2018

Conscious Living 13: Laughter and Smiles

Smiling is free Have you ever sat on a bench in a busy passage and watched the people walking by? I could do that for hours. It´s fun to me. […]
11. September 2018

Conscious Living 14: Peace

It is time for peace Do you know someone who wishes for a new war? I’ve talked to several people about this topic and a lot of them thought, that […]
25. November 2018

Conscious Living 16: Fear

It used to be necessary Everyone knows fear. She helped us thousands of years in our development and warned us of a threatening situation. She helped us focus, take care […]
11. December 2018

Conscious Living 17: Our biggest fear

What are you afraid of the most? In my last post on “Living consciously”, I wrote about fear in general. However, in this post I would like to go one […]
8. January 2019

Conscious Living 18: Wishing

What does wishing have to do with a conscious life? Clearly everything! Even though most people think it´s unimaginable, wishing has a tremendous amount of power, because with them, we […]
10. January 2019

Conscious Living 19: Our language

Our language is our daily tool for communication. Yet, we hardly think about the words we push into the universe daily. In my opinion, the choice of our words has […]
14. January 2019

Conscious Living 21: Your world view

If you turn on the evening-news, you learn mostly about conflicts, crimes, violence, corporations and extremely rich or as beautiful interpreted people. Keep in mind: this is only the worldview, […]