Cluj Napoca

3. July 2017

Romania: Cluj Napoca – Salina Turda

A day in Cluj-Napoca, a botanical garden and the Salina Turda The price-performance ratio of the accommodations in Romania are fantastic. We slept partly in apartments for less than 25 euros per night. Our second day started with a delicious breakfast near the St. Michaels Church in Cluj. After visiting the city’s most famous buildings in the previous evening, we decided to explore a relaxed and popular tourist attraction: the Alexandru Borza Garden – a huge botanical garden. The St. Michaels Church The orthodox cathedral The national theater The Alexandru Borza garden The garden was founded in 1920 and is divided into various areas. These include a Japanese and a Roman […]
3. July 2017

Romania: Arad – Scarisoara Cave

The reason for our journey I am born in Romania but moved to Germany when I was four years old. The annual visits to my grandmother gave me a rough insight to the lifestyle, but otherwise, I didn’t know much about the region. Since I wanted to change that, my girlfriend Theresa and I went to my homeland for a road trip. At the end of July 2016 we got going and drove the 1100 km from Germany to Arad (The city of martyrs). I was born there and still got relatives, that I visit from time to time. My favorite tree is also there. He pulls his leaves together every […]