"How do Dinosaurs Sleep?" tells a short bedtime story with illustrations by Nicola Zips. The book is 6 x 9 inch (about 15 x 23 cm) and 52 pages long. It contains 24 drawings for colouring in and the reading time will take only a few minutes, so Mum and Dad can go to bed, too!

The blurb reads:

"How do Dinosaurs Sleep?" is a short bedtime story about a young Triceratops. Little Cara can't sleep because her feet hurt from walking. To learn how other dinosaurs spend the night, the curious young dinosaur takes a nightly walk through the jungle.

On her route, Cara discovers some peculiarities that the scientists would never have suspected: cuddling Velociraptors, a Tyrannosaurus rex with a wooden dummy, a snoring Diplodocus and many more. The narrative is embellished with uplifting illustrations designed to soothe the reader, make them smile and send them off for a good night's sleep. In addition, "How do Dinosaurs Sleep?" includes 24 drawings for colouring in.

The book is intended for the age group of 4-8 years and was published on 28th April 2022. There is a reading sample and illustrations to print and colour in, just scroll down a bit. I also added links to buy the book. Its ISBN is 9783982439723. 

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by Christian-Lothar Ludwig