Stories are something real, stories are someones truth.
This is a place to share them for yourself and others.

Hamson is a community to bring the world closer together.

The website was created, so people all over the world can share their stories anonymosly.
Every individual can show his or her fellow human beings, what they´ve been through and how they reacted.
This way, others see, that there are people dealing with similar experiences.
You can comment and talk about the events in your life, how they formed you and
how they made you feel. Often, exactly these experiences of others can help you heal.
This is what is about.
As life, this is a give and take.


I believe, this is a very important aspect of life, that we talk too little about.
This is leading to problems with mental health, that the Hamson-Community will encounter.

Give it a try. It is free. What´s the worst that could happen – you might feel better.