While I work on projects for children and adults, I drink a lot of coffee. To support me, you can invite me for a hot beverage via the controller and Paypal – for the price of two euros per cup. The hot drinks are guaranteed to
cause new projects!

If you want to treat me to a coffee plantation, you can do that via PayPal.me

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or you can provide monthly coffee credit

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If you want to support me, but rather hold something in hands, you can use the following options:
The art of my girlfriend Anna-Theresa Fackler is available on Society6 and includes art prints and merchandise of our illustrated books – the range is constantly expanding.

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There is also the possibility to order my books as a printed version.
For now, you’ll find Being happy with Nevis on Amazon.de and Midnight Sun everywhere else:
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You can of course order the books in every store and pick them up – whatever you prefer.

Cheers and a big THANK YOU