Circle and square

The universe of circle and square is initially a two-dimensional world, illustrated with clay paper by Christel Hasse. We tell of two basic forms that do not match the others because of their color.

Both try to belong. However, they do not fit into the other’s specifications and are at least conspicuous by their coloring. So both become outsiders, who search their world and have to find out how well they can complement each other and create something new.

The book is largely illustrated and will be published as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can convince yourself of some illustrations below.

Circle as part of a car

09. Bild Richard Auto (Copy)

Play Tetris

13. Bild Richard Tetris (Copy)

The shapes create robots

17. Bild Richard und die Roboter (Copy)

The Pyramids

06. Bild Pyramiden (Copy)

The hot air balloon

18. Bild Lydia Heißluftballon (Copy)
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