Midnight Sun

Out of nowhere and like an inspiration, a voice echoed through my head: "Archangel Haniel is dead."
Tears shot up my eyes, everything went black and I collapsed.

Midnight Sun is a spiritual novel, telling the story of a gravedigger in London. The First-person-narrator discovers, after a day of trenching the graves for two short-lived twins, an upside-down crucified archangel, hanging from his bedroom wall. In an instant, the events overturn and the protagonist is sucked into an extraordinary adventure.

The cover for Midnight Sun was painted by my girlfriend Anna-Theresa Fackler, using acrylic on paper. The book is part of a four-part series called "dancing lights" and was written, edited and published in German in 2017, then translated during the winter of 17/18.

The story is about joy and sorrow in a world, where the big picture comes to light. A world, where death is not the end and in the end, everything is fine.

The buttons take you either to the online-reading sample, where you can download a free print-at-home version or to Amazon, where you can order a bound novel. By the way: Midnight Sun is available on every accustomed online-shop around the globe.