Being happy with Nevis

The first children´s book by me and my partner Anna-Theresa Fackler
is called "Being happy with Nevis". It's about a butterfly that is unhappy,
because he can not free himself from his cocoon.
Nevis wants to fly, but he does not seem ready yet.
The blurb reads as follows:

The story of a butterfly may not seem wild,
but this tale is helping every child.
Nevis wants to get out of his cocoon,
yet neither kicking nor screaming is helping soon.
That's how Nevis' story starts unhappily,
but then he notices, how happy he can be.

In the insect kingdom they promise,
that every human summons happiness,
if he only reads this book to a kid
and then softly closes both eyelids.
Whether this is really true,
you decide, only for you.

The book is designed in A5 format and is suitable for the age group between four and nine years.
The book will be published soon and will be available on all popular platforms.