Being happy with Nevis

The first children´s book by me and my partner Anna-Theresa Fackler
is called "Being happy with Nevis". We tell the story of an unhappy butterfly,
that has failed to free himself from his cocoon and is stuck..
Nevis is always dreaming about flying, but is not ready yet.
The blurb reads as follows

The story of a butterfly may not seem wild,
but this tale was written to help every child.
Nevis dreams about getting out of his cocoon,
yet neither kicking nor screaming is helping soon.
That's how Nevis' story starts unhappily,
but then he notices, how happy he can be.

In the insect kingdom they promise,
that every human summons happiness,
if he only reads this book to kids
and then closes both eyelids.
Whether this is really true,
you decide, but only for you.

The book is in A5 format and suitable for the age group of four to twelve years, but also suitable for unhappy, anxious and worried grown-ups, that grew from a troubled childhood and all the other unhappy things there are in life. The story was written for children who lack self-confidence, feel lonely and sad or simply go through an unhappy phase. Special attention has been paid to transferring everyday situations into the world of insects. This way, the reader learns, that he has to fight for his own happiness, that happiness does not come from waiting and that you have to change things to get different results. Nevis learns these lessons at school, from his parents and while playing with newly found friends. The book will be published someday next year, as I will use it to participate in competitions. But: You can already get it on patreon for only 10USD.