11. February 2018

Ecuador: Mompiche

Why to Mompiche? Traveling educates, they say. In Mompiche I learned a lot, especially handling resources. But let’s start at the beginning: To hibernate outside of cold Germany, we searched […]
17. June 2018

A better life 1: An introduction

Living consciously – an introduction This series of articles is about my experiences with companies, people, government and life. Some readers will feel addressed, others will dislike my opinion. Comments […]
17. June 2018

A better life 2: It´s my life

My life, my happiness As a child you were often asked, what you would like to become in life. The most popular answers are probably a veterinarian, firefighter or anything […]
22. June 2018

A better life 3: Being Happy

What is happiness? How do you define happiness and how do you recognize it, when you got it? Simple questions that seem unsolvable. In this post, I’ll write about where […]
30. June 2018

A better life 4: Try out something new

Try out something new How often do oyu try something new? What prevents us from doing this frequently? Are our friends guilty of constantly visiting the same old restaurants and […]
6. July 2018

A better life 5: Being alone

Being alone Countless people have a hard time being alone with themselves and their thoughts. This is probably the reason, that we distract ourselves as much as possible with any […]
14. July 2018

A better life 6: Positivity

My food is not bad! “My food is not bad!” – “The concert was not bad!” – “His talent is not bad!” These sentences are perfectly normal in the English […]
22. July 2018

A better life 7: Feeling

How do you feel? “How are you feeling today?”, is a phrase you barely hear. Although some days do feel better and some do feel worse. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable […]
5. August 2018

A better life 9: Shopping

Shopping and consciousness You can live consciously always and everywhere, especially in everyday life. Let us examine a daily process such as shopping: How can you consciously design your shopping […]
12. August 2018

A better life 10: Schools and learning

What´s your easiest way of learning? How does a person learn the easiest way? Is there a manual, fitting to everybody or does each individual need different methods? If everyone […]
19. August 2018

A better life 11: The church

Association, community, sect, cult, church? What do you think about an association, that has about 200 billion euros in the bank, monthly demands a membership fee in the form of […]
26. August 2018

A better life 12: Sand

Sand and consciousness? “Why does this dude write an article about consciousness and suddenly talks about sand?”, some will probably think. Finally, sand is everywhere, in some countries it is […]
2. September 2018

A better life 13: Laughter and Smiles

Smiling is free Have you ever sat on a bench in a busy passage and watched people walking by? I could do that for hours – it´s fun to me. […]
16. September 2018

A better life 15: Advertising

Advertising – always and everywhere Almost all over the world, we are unquestioningly exposed to one of the (in  my opinion) greatest scourges of mankind: advertising. We are showered with […]
11. December 2018

A better life 17: Our biggest fear

What are you the most afraid of ? In my last post about “Living consciously”, I wrote about fear in general. However, in this post I would like to take […]
10. January 2019

A better life 19: Our language

Our language is our daily tool for communication. Yet, we hardly think about the words we push into the universe. In my opinion, the choice of our words has much […]
11. January 2019

A better life 20: Self-perception

When you spend time with your family, friends or acquaintances, you often hear expressions like, “I’m stupid, because …; I’m a jerk, as I…!; As the dork I am, I […]
14. January 2019

A better life 21: Your world view

If you turn on the evening-news, you learn mostly about conflicts, crimes, violence, corporations and extremely rich or as beautiful interpreted people. But keep in mind: this is only the […]
21. January 2019

A better life 22: Responsibility and guilt

In our lives, everyone has blamed someone else for misfortunes, if only in thought. Our brain quickly finds someone, we can blame (rather: to guilt) for our problems – as […]
25. January 2019

A better life 23: Corporations

Money rules the world, they say. In my opinion, it is the big corporations holding the money, that rule the world. The bigger a company, the more loopholes there seem […]
25. January 2019

A better life 24: Heaven and hell

The church has been telling us about heaven and hell for a long time. One is inhabited by God, the other ruled by rejected Satan. When you do good, you […]
25. January 2019

A better life 25: Apocalypse

What is this apocalypse? When we talk about the Apocalypse, most people think of an ugly event in the future. The idea is based on movies and religion, while the […]
4. February 2019

A better life 26: Time

Time is an extraordinary construct. Humanity has defined time, given it a zero point and divided it into years, days, hours and minutes. But, if it exists at all – […]
17. February 2019

A better life 27: Boundaries

Where are your (mental) boundaries and borders? Where did they come from or why do they exist and when did they come into existence? As a child, it was so […]
18. April 2019

A better life 28: Suffer and Love

Throughout my life, I tried to figure, why mankind causes so much suffering: We often exploit our own conspecifics and let them suffer. We are the only species on this […]
18. April 2019

A better life 29: Inspiration

Inspiration, in my opinion, has little to no value in the world we currently live in. It is taken for granted, not seen or ignored. On my journey, I have […]
23. April 2019

A better life 30: Nature´s inspiration

There are infinite ways to find inspiration. In my previous post, I have described some man-made inspiration and would therefore like to dedicate this article to another omnipresent possibility: nature. […]
29. April 2019

A better life 31: Doubts

Every individual has had doubts that discouraged him and then lead him to not dare to do something. He then decided to take a different path, which he could follow […]
8. May 2019

A better life 32: The process

Anyone who has read my other blog-posts may wonder, when the big change is coming. Maybe a radical transformation is expected to happen overnight or a big event, that changes […]
10. May 2019

A better life 33: Victimhood

What is victimhood and do I have something like that? How did I get there and how can I get out? First, there is a responsibility to clarify: Who is […]