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4. May 2018
Conscious Living 2: It´s my life
17. June 2018

Conscious Living 1: An introduction

Living consciously – an introduction

This series of articles is about my experiences with companies, people, government and life. Some readers will feel addressed, others will dislike my opinion. Comments are welcome from both sides. It is important to me, that nobody feels attacked and the tone of conversation remains friendly. I just want to discuss, open eyes for the nuisances in our world and stimulate thinking. I would like to start with a simple consideration:

People are afraid of traveling back in time. Eventually, one could inadvertently kill a beetle and thus significantly change the present. Still, nobody in the present thinks about letting the beetle live and thereby create a better future.

What can you deduce from these sentences? You are welcome to write a comment.


Stop putting your job above more important things

I think, our society is skewed. We live in a world, where wealth is more important than life. Life in any form is treated like a commodity, that eventually breaks down and is replaced as soon as possible, using new “resources”. No one scrutinizes why humanity plays along. Instead, we give our best to jump on an ever faster spinning hamster wheel. We rush from appointment to appointment, plann our days to the minute and wonder why we are somehow dissatisfied and are not feeling as well as we could, possibly should. After all, we have everything the others want: house, partner, car, job, flat screen TV, etc. We all work more or less consciously on this list, although it consists mainly of things you can buy.

We plunge into an infinite spiral of consumption and work, without ever wasting a thought about what we really want from life. One day, you wake up as a retiree and start to think (maybe way too late): Was that really all? Did this given list make me, as an independent person, happy? What about my list, my dreams and plans? Somewhere along the way, I lost track of my list. When did this happen? But much more important: What’s on my list?

What makes you happy?

This leads to an important question: What makes you happy? This sentence is inconspicuous, yet a riddle to countless people. The thing is: Your neighbor can hardly answer this question for you. You have to answer it yourself, everything else is a lie. Everybody has something that impels them – what’s yours? In most cases, it’s the activities that you’re thinking of right now. Those, that make you forget your phone and time. Find yours, enjoy it, perfect it, decide how far you want to go with it… whatever … the main thing is to be cheerful. No matter what it is: I’ll come back to that in a later post. Take your time to find it. Time is your most expensive asset, after all, once lost or given away, time is irretrievable. And you have an advantage over the pensioner from above: You read this article in time.

Beloved time

Talking about time: “We´ve got time!”, they say. Nevertheless, it is more important in our society to be at the destination on time, than to enjoy the way. After all, time is running out. We quickly choke down our lunch, so we can do something quickly, only to be on time for the next deadline. According to this scheme, entire generations vegetate a lifetime. People pride themselves with 60 working hours per week, although they hardly get out of bed in the morning and hate work.

You work overtime and stay “gladly” for 30 additional minutes. After all, it is for the good of the company. But who benefits the most from my time, sold under value? I get allowances at best … the boss a new sports car. He deserves it, after all, he’s up the career ladder and I haven´t taken the first step – understandable and natural. But the fact that his salary rises in the double-digit percentage range and I have to fight for a salary increase to compensate for inflation. This is hardly seen by anyone. I smell injustice.

To me, it was important to remind myself that a company is never a friend. They are established money printing machines that have to be profitable a bit more each year, at all cost: workers, environmental protection, collective agreements. Everyone from industry, crafts and other sectors knows about these kind of approaches. In Germany, things are borderline, in other countries unreasonable.

In addition: When you drop dead from your chair during working hours, within a few days, a new employee will sit at your desk. There may be a speech about the exemplary colleague, who unfortunately died a few months before the pension – nothing more. Everybody should be aware of this. In a company, everyone is replaceable, in contrast to a family. So, who do you prefer to spend your time with? Anyone who prides himself to me about having 60 working hours, gets asked how the wife and child are doing. Most people can tell less about them, than about work. Should get you thinking, but is mostly ignored – after all, this is “only until” or “things will soon be different”. Still, nobody can answer on: “When exactly?”

Limited lifetime

This leads to my next consideration: Each of us has a limited lifetime on this planet. Are 60-70-80-90 years really that much time to give it away for the vain desires of others? Do I have to say yes to everything or is it time to learn the NO!; to show my limits to others? Why don´t we do that more often? Somehow, we silently scream for approval and even sell our views for it. The main thing is, that my counterpart makes me feel like I am worth something… because I help with HIS work, or do something good for HIM etc. Am I really dependent on the appreciation of all people? Is it not enough from those I really like?

Over the course of my life, I’ve found that people you just met, often have much better intentions for you, than people you know all your life. However, the implementation of this sentence requires a lot of practice and courage. To approach someone without fear or to simply allow a conversation sounds impossible to countless people. But, you do not learn social skills in one day, rather a bit more every day. Personal development does not exist to go, it is a long road that offers a lot of fun.

I do not want to talk bad about anybody´s job, advise to throw it away or to do something rash. On the contrary: I would like to encourage you to deal with yourself. Is your life fun? Are you happy? If not, what does it take to change? One thing is important to know: We are made for the things we love. That’s 100% correct, for each and every one, whether you believe it or not.

And finally:

For those who feel attacked or offended by my article: Today, I rescued a wasp from a puddle of water. The wasp stung me, it felt threatened, presumably. But: Should I have let it die? Will I pull the next wasp out of the puddle again? (Yes!) Was the wasp just stressed and reacted inappropriately? I simply wanted to help. Did I do the right thing, even if it hurt me for a few hours?

Where are the parallels to this article and why the hell do I close with this story?

Think about it and write me a comment! The function can be found below. Feel free to share the article via social media. I will post more articles like this. If you like my work and want to support me: A donation is always welcome! Thanks in advance!


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