Conscious Living 8: Society seen from above

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22. July 2018
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5. August 2018

Conscious Living 8: Society seen from above

The society of the 21st century

In our present society some things are twisted. We love objects and use people. Actually, life should be the other way around. Says a quote, that I picked up somewhere. In my opinion, this sentence contains a lot of truth. The fact, that we respect people less and less has, at least to me, complex reasons, that are more than obvious in our daily lives. The majority, however, ignores the symptoms, as they are considered “normal”:

We and the self-esteem

We try to please everybody, while we forget ourselves. We let ourselves drift and allow others to push us into decisions, that concern only the person as an individual or an couple. That´s why we live the life, that others wish upon us and not our own. As a result, we lose a bit self-esteem.

We decide at a young age what profession we will pursue. Although we have no idea what we would like to do or what we are good at. Our talents (and EVERYONE has at least one) stay hidden. With our talent, we lose another slice of self-esteem: Finally, we judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree. Therefore, the fish will think all his life, he is stupid, only because he has not found his element, yet (Einstein said that in a similar way).

We think, we need to please others into being happy, so we get some happiness for ourselves. In reality, we have to be happy ourselves first, in order to share the happiness. When you do not feel happy, although you feel you should, cause you´ve “got everything” – that may cost a bit of your self-worth.

We sacrifice ourselves for companies, that do not care if we drop dead from the office chair. In return, we boast about 60 hours of work, as we are so important for the company. That we have family, for whom we are irreplaceable, is simply forgotten. But is somebody worth more outside the company, just because he works diligently and consistently? I like nice people a lot more.

We feed on things, that are far from real food and wonder, why we feel shiddy. However, we are so dulled, that we do not recognize the cause. Why the hell do we label organic fruit, if that’s the natural state. Actually, there should be a sticker on our food, if there is chemistry in it, by the way.

We buy equipment, that can/may be used to monitor us and even digitizes our fingerprint. Still, we swagger, that we have the latest one. If we do not have such a device, the difficulty of getting in touch suddenly increase. We stopped calling (a call gives me a bit of self-esteem, a message rather less) and clearing a topic in 30 seconds, but spend hours and hours texting each other, only to misinterpret each other finally. (Sender and receiver, the actual message is lost)

We get talked into thinking, that money brings happiness. That’s a lie. It helps with feeling secure, that’s it. Anyone who has ever been to a poor country, can sing songs about this. Those who have nothing, give the little they have with JOY and are happy. Why the hell are we, that live in abundance, not?

We allow society to patronize us and still think we are free. We sit in a golden cage with the key in our hands and the lock in front of our eyes. But we are too afraid to use this key. After all, we do not know what the others would think.

We are the only creature on earth, that is destroying their natural habitat and also tries to accelerate this development. Only for the wealth of few. The individual thinks, he can not do anything about this (self-esteem goes down, presumably), but it has ALWAYS been individuals, who have changed the world. Every kind of change starts with a single person.

And the most serious point of all, at least I see things this way:
We honor people only after they die. Then, we buy flowers and throw them on the casket, instead of showing people how much you like them during their lifetime. A hug, a nice word or a high-five is enough. These are only a few ways to “distribute” the missing self-esteem.

Everybody does things like this

“But everybody does this!”, Is the standard excuse, if you address such inconsistencies. One bows to the pressure of society, trying to submerge in the crowd and adapt. Whatever the cost: our health, our minds and, most importantly, the unique ability to think for ourselves … because everyone thinks differently. A friend has explained to me, that she thinks in colors. I am unable to understand this. She uses this ability to paint and creates images, that give me (good) goose bumps. That’s probably her value on this planet. Mine are words. I am skilled in dealing with them. Others like to lay stone by stone and build houses. Others are made to power the world, distribute products, spread news or just be parents. Everyone has a sense on this orb, that is dashing through the universe. Whether you believe it or not.

The problem time

Now expand my points onto society and let them work for 10-20-50-100 years. Where does this lead over generations? Unfortunately, we have been living this way for thousands of years.

Someone who has forgotten his own value, radiates that. Someone who acts “weak” gets exploited (or whatever you call it) by our society. Instead, we should help and lift them up. This is a crime against humanity, committed by humanity. In addition, everyone tries to get the best outcome for themselves, if necessary using their elbows. Sometimes, however, the best thing for everyone is the best for the individual, but the masses do not understand that. People think, that the individual has to take back to improve society, but its exactly the other way – do the things you are meant to do on earth.

I suspect, that this will get better with time. Robots will take our work off, a basic income is essential and we will have more time for ourselves leading to more opportunities to develop and find ourselves.

Self-esteem and suicide

I can fully understand anyone who feels overburdened by these and other issues and thinks that death is the easiest way out of this madness. I used to be that way. However, nobody ever told me, that my life is a gift, that my time is limited and that I should try and get the ! BEST FOR ME! The others turn silent during this process. Anyone who needs to, can wonderfully control his thoughts through meditation, but it is not necessary. As always: proved by trying yourself.


Have Fun!


C-L Ludwig

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