Conscious Living 6: Positivity
14. July 2018
Conscious Living 8: Society seen from above
29. July 2018

Conscious Living 7: Feeling

How do you feel?

“How are you feeling today?”, is a phrase you barely hear. Although some days do feel better and some do feel worse. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable in unknown places, sometimes you feel like you are at home, even though you are on site for the first time. There are people just like that. However, we pay little attention to those feelings, after all, we “know” who is good for us and who is not. But, where does this knowledge come from? Did we figure it out ourselves or did someone tell us or rather talk us into believing? Last week I wrote about positive thoughts. This article revolves around their result: our feelings and emotions.

Feelings, emotions and thoughts

Why should a feeling or an emotion be the result of our thoughts? Actually, I think that´s quite simple:
I’m invited to a birthday-party, but I think, that the invitation or the people present are not satisfying enough. Therefore, I am not looking forward to the evening, but decide to stop by anyway or get talked into. Once at the party, I experience a much better night, that I had ever expected.
On New Year’s Eve, everyone is looking forward to the celebration, meeting people, eating, drinking and laughing … but the evening was not so brilliant, compared to the first, despite the fireworks: Why?
For my part, I feel like I have to be in a good mood on New Year’s Eve. After all everybody is (or has to?). Obviously, there is a difference between the two celebrations, as many people report, albeit subconsciously, similar experiences. I think that, according to our society, we force ourselves into a role, instead of simply celebrating the night with the loved one, as we´d rather do. The next thing is: at the first feast, I had no expectations. The others were in a good mood already and somehow I got contaminated.

If you clarify this fineness and extend it to other areas, how does this affect the life of the individual? If you wake up and feel bad, just by knowing you have to go to your shiddy work, your thoughts are trapped in a downward spiral. After all, with each minute work is getting closer. When you arrive at your job, somebody’s getting on your nerves before you even clocked in and your day continues in this pattern.
However, when you open your eyes in the morning, feel good and look forward to your work, you jump out of bed and start the new day with a good mood. This happens for one reason only: You form a completely different reality all by yourself. This is proven by quantum physics. Anyone who is a bit advanced and manages to swap his bad feelings with good ones, has already won the day. The other people feel that, but can not classify. So, do not be afraid of change. It is for your own benefit and in return helps the mass, that “can not classify”, as this gets them thinking.

Signals of your body

How well can you feel your body? Are you paying attention to his signals? When your back starts hurting, do you continue and ignore the signals, or do you start searching for another way to get to your goal? There is always a way, you just have to find it. In our society people torment themselves on “tried and true” ways instead, because they have always done so.
Our bodies, however, constantly gives us signals. The best known are hungry and thirsty. These are noticed, after all, we can not live without food. Why are we not dealing with pain just like that? If we were to carry on with our hunger for as long as we do with back pain, what would the world look like? We take breaks to eat, why not for pain? I think, the opinion of others plays an enormous role. We think, we are considered weak, when we take a break. In fact, that’s a sign of tremendous strength. You let someone know that you pay attention to your body (and you only have one, spare parts are hard to get). If anyone talks you out of it, there should be warning bells ringing in your head and you should closely reconsider the situation.

Have Fun!


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