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6. July 2018
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22. July 2018

Conscious Living 6: Positivity

My food is not bad!

“My food is not bad!” – “The concert was not bad!” – “His talent is not bad!” These sentences are perfectly normal in the English language and stuck in the minds of the English-speaking world. Nevertheless, there is something about these statements, that can be improved. To explain that, I have to briefly dive into quantum physics and scratch the surface of spirituality. Then, I will introduce you to this week’s topic: positivity.

Quantum physics togo

So, what’s wrong with the above sentences? Was the food not delicious? The concert indescribable or the talent unique? Where is the difference between these examples?
Is the above not somehow negatively draped, while the second version has a more positive effect? Some of my readers will now think: “So what? They say the same thing!?” This is completely true, as long as you disregard quantum physics. Albert Einstein has published a quote, regarding this topic:

It seems more and more as if the whole universe is nothing but a single, grandiose thought.

Our thoughts affecting our environment was explored in an experiment, in which individual particles were shot through two slits onto a wall. The salient feature is, that the particles behaved differently, when their behavior was measured. The particles “knew”, so to speak, that someone was watching them and refused to behave “unusually”. For those interested, there are explanations on Youtube, various websites and books. However, this information has never reached the masses, even though it explains so much of our environment. Considering that we all consist of these particles, some phenomena become much more logical:

Why do some mothers / fathers (despite spatial separation) feel, that something is wrong with their child, that it is injured or needs help? How do we know who is calling, before we check the phone or how do we feel the death of a loved one? It does not sound so much alien to anyone, who has dealt with Einstein’s quantum physics and realized, that we are all, in some way, connected.

Use this to your advantage

Now to the one, outstanding question: How do we direct our environment? The answer is simple, yet difficult to understand: Our thoughts and feelings.

When you look at a plant, a stone, and a human being on a level, that is smaller than the atom, you get the same result: smaller than an atom is a so-called “quark”, even smaller is a “string”. The deeper you get into this topic, you learn, that, in the end, everything is energy. It sounds crazy, but we are all made of exactly this energy. Everything in our universe that was, is and will be. That makes the thought, that our thoughts direct our universe more bearable, doesn´t it?

In spirituality, this energy is called “light.” It is said that everything is light, that we are beings of light, and so on. Now, by combining the two theories, a consistent picture emerges – that gives physicists and spirituals the same basis, but they use different words. Anyone who wants to, can call this energy stardust, the God particle or the soup that we are made of. It´s exactly the same.

Positive thinking

Please accept for five minutes, that Einstein is right: What do we draw into our reality by saying, that the food was “not bad”? Of course, more bad things! This is, because the “not” is not heard by the universe. It stays hidden, to allow us better and more positive ways of communicating. The “bad” could thus be forgotten in our dictionary and become “not good”. So we would always press positive affirmations into our universe, and eat / do / experience more “good” things. If you look at the world in this way, sarcasm opens new paths. I can thus “speak badly” in a positive way and my listener understands what I really mean: “You did well!” – even though the performance was modest.

People who have dealt with this attitude and have had mainly positive thoughts are known to us as the greatest inventors and individuals, who have advanced the development of our planet greatly. In scientific terms, for example, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. At the religious level probably Jesus and Buddha. They formed their reality through increasingly strong, positive thoughts and were also “good” people, who put the race’s success above their own. As a result, they live forever and remain unforgotten.

Think about it. In my opinion, positivity is the key to consciousness and thus the key to a better life. Scientifically proven by Einstein and of course trying yourself. For two weeks, cut the “bad” out of your vocabulary and watch your life get better – you’ll never go back to negativity!

In order to not bloat this article, I will write down several examples of positivity next week. Until then, just try the universe out and stop using one word: bad. Walk through the world with your eyes open and notice the little things that are different than usual. Next week, I will go into more detail and write about how important feelings are, to get the best out of the stardust.

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Have fun being positive!



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