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30. June 2018
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14. July 2018

Conscious Living 5: Being alone

Being alone

Countless people have a hard time being alone with themselves and their thoughts. This is probably the reason, that we distract ourselves as much as possible with any kind of occupation. This may be the television, video games, mobile phone or other pastimes. Very often, nothing remains from this. However, to live consciously, it is in my opinion essential to spend time with yourself. An hour alone at the bathing lake, strolling through the woods or relaxing in the bathtub – all opportunities to enjoy time with yourself and to cope with your thoughts.

At first, this seems like an impossible task and can hardly be done for more than a few minutes. After all, for a lifetime, one has never dealt with his inmost being. As a result, a lot of trash got stuck, that wants to be clarified. Often, these are the views of others, one has started to believe oneself. It starts with inconspicuous things: Do I really like the music I usually listen to, or is it the music of my friends, that I am piggybacking on? Do I really like to drink alcohol or is only the peer pressure responsible? Well, from time to time you should blame yourself for the borders limiting you: Do I really dislike cheese or has that any disguised reasons in my former life?

Pumuckl and eating cheese

An example from my life that sounds crazy, but really happened like this: As a child, I decided not to like cheese. The Pumuckl (a famous redheaded German cartoon goblin) had announced, that the holes in the cheese are caused by farting bacteria . From that day, cheese was off-limits for about 20 years. I simply rejected the food without sampling. It took a wine festival and cheese sandwiches to make me understand that I like cheese.
It is said that almost all the atoms in the human body are replaced every five to seven years. That is a mistake. Depending on the organ, this works differently fast. The liver takes about two years, while the skeleton needs about ten. In my opinion, according to this principle, you should try things, that you actually refuse at certain intervals. After all, you have “renewed” yourself and possibly changed your taste. Of course, you do not need to bungee every few years, if you hated it the first time. But if you think that years later it could have become fun, try again!

The difference between loneliness and being alone

It is also important to understand the difference between being alone and loneliness. You can be lonely in the middle of thousands of people, but it´s impossible to be alone. Loneliness is therefore more likely to describe as the absence of recognition, attention, and feeling needed. This condition is therefore depending on my fellow human beings and me. Loneliness should be considered as a warning signal of the mind. When you feel lonely, it’s your turn to change your situation. Join a club, do a pub tour with coworkers or debate with strangers online – anything can help an individual.

Being alone, on the other hand, is a deliberate state in which you shield yourself from the outside world. This can be done very well through meditation, for which there are more than enough instructions on the internet. At first, the brain goes crazy during the silence and reminds of a sack of fleas. However, with time and practice, you become calmer, more centered and start to like the silence and your thoughts. One gradually loses his stress, anger and frustration and grows to a balanced person. As always: scientifically proven by trying yourself!

Personally, I like to sit in a quiet place all by myself and listen to music. As a further example, surfing helps me immensely, also shooting archery or watching the sunset. I also like to hang out in nature and botanical gardens, stroll through flea markets or sunbath. These are all things that I enjoy in a group, but I also enjoy for myself only – a very liberating feeling.

The way someone wants to spend time alone is all to himself. I just want to point out, how important it is to take some time for yourself. Many are unhappy and do not know how easy it is, to put a smile on their face by sitting and meditating for some time. Have fun trying!

As always, you are welcome to leave comments, write e-mails and share my articles on all social platforms. Thanks in advance! I am also looking forward to your opinions and views.


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