Conscious Living 4: Try out something new

Conscious Living 3: Being Happy
22. June 2018
Conscious Living 5: Being alone
6. July 2018

Conscious Living 4: Try out something new

Try out something new

How often do oyu try something new? What prevents us from doing this frequently? Are our friends guilty of constantly visiting the same old restaurants and bars? Do we not check out the new sport because no one wants to visit the rehearsal training with us? Do we not dare to travel this one country, that others say is dangerous, even though they have never been? Who can I blame, if I seldom expand my own horizons? I am quite sure, this is probably one person´s fault only.

Man is a creature of habit

“Man is a creature of habit!”, the German says. Is that really so and why? Thinking of thousands of years ago, man could not have been a creature of habit. The times were about survival, no matter how and where. Hard to imagine, that only berries were collected on certain bushes, where one felt comfortable. We probably had to explore undiscovered areas and search for new ways to feed. But where did this curiosity go and do we want it back? Have we maybe never been curious and hunger alone has driven us into new regions? Then: Where do the countless inventions between the cultivation of fire and check cards large calculating machines come from? Curiosity must have been there. You can still recognize it by your children, who use curiosity to learn. Once again: when do we give up our childish curiosity and, above all, why? She helped us as we grew up, so why should she not be helpful later?

Many people spend their everyday lives in places that they know and feel safe. They shop in the same supermarket, meet for the well-known events and prefer to book package holidays, where nothing (bad?) can happen.
If you like your life this way, keep it up. If not, get out of your usual environment and/ or do something you’ve never done before. Maybe it will be fun after all. Einstein has published a well-known quote: “Constantly doing the same and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.” So, how much insanity do you have?

Who knows, what you might miss…

The last part of “Conscious Living” was about being happy. To try something new is a big part of this, I think. After all, you never know whether the initially ridiculed sport/ hobby is not exactly right for you. Who knows, what you might miss, when you skip the chance to check out something unknown. However, this also involves establishing contact with other people and exchanging views. The worst thing that can happen is that you abort prematurely and know that the person or activity is not right for you. Then, after all, you have gained a new experience and have a new story in stock. In the best case, you have found a new hobby or new friends. Ultimately, you and a slightly adjusted mindset can only win.

The comfort zone and advice against

The comfort zone is the area in your life, that feels familiar and that you are sure you have all the necessary abilities for. You are acting sovereign, self-confident and follow your habits. You quickly realize that you leave this zone, when you come up with excuses to not do something (no money, no time). At the same time, one often encounters fears that are perceived either consciously or unconsciously, depending on the individual: the fear of talking to people, fear of heights, relational anxiety, fear of failure, etc. By leaving our usual environment, we face these fears, improve our knowledge and abilities and get to know ourselves better. Often you only notice when you start something, that you have the skills and abilities to finish it. So what are your arguments against starting and how long will it take, to disprove them?

Many people are afraid of the unknown. For self-imposed reasons, they feel so comfortable in their familiar surroundings, that they can not imagine the fun outside of their boundaries. With this post, I´d like to arouse the desire to plunge into new experiences with joy. No matter what, it’s at least good for a funny story. So…you can win only.


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