Conscious Living 2: It´s my life
17. June 2018
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30. June 2018

Conscious Living 3: Being Happy

What is happiness? How do you define happiness and how do you recognize it, when you got it? Simple questions that seem unsolvable. In this post, I’ll write about where I think happiness from and how to be happier.

Happiness is selfmade

In my opinion, happiness is in the eye of the beholder. Different persons look at things in different ways and have different things that make them happy. Some people find happiness in a sports car, others in an activity, the next in a gaming console. I used to think like this. In the meantime, I believe that being happy requires one thing in particular: an attitude. I used to think, that if I change jobs again, I’ll be happier. If I buy the sports car, I’ll be happier. If I do this and that, then I’ll be happier. In the end, however, I always just spend money in any form, but the good feeling lasted only briefly – then this kind of cycle started from the beginning.

Meanwhile, I have changed my thinking and pay more attention to details. Although this took some time and experiences, the long-term-benefit is awesome. Instead of going from one event and party to the next, I prefer to go out into nature and enjoy the sun. Admitting that to myself, however, was a hard step for me – as stupid as it sounds. Eventually, I saw myself as a partygoer and thought that was the only true way of life – a naive thought and a rock in my path to make me happy.

React with the circumstances

I also believe that happiness grows a lot from our reactions with the environment. In other words: if life is shiddy, maybe we should change our way of reacting to it. For Example: we are rarely happy that our noses are clear – until the first day of the flu. We do not care that we can jump out of bed in the morning … until the first herniated disc hurts, and so on. So, when I consider my “healthy normal condition” to be a form of happyness, then a normal day suddenly becomes a good one. This change of attitude can be extended to all areas of life and lets be happy to a certain extent attitude thing.

If you take a close look at your external circumstances – what do you really need to live? Because actually food, water, health and a roof is enough. However, we have much more than these “basics”, but often take them for granted – they’ve become easy over the years. There is still a fact, that there is a possibility, that we could lose all of this – but this also opens the possibility, that one could be happy about how far the human race has driven its development and how safe the times are. Happiness seems to be a matter of perception, also.

Whatever makes you smile – know for yourself or find out. This article is intended as an aid from my experiences.

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