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17. June 2018
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30. June 2018

Conscious Living 3: Being Happy

Being happy, is that so difficult?

What is happiness? How do you define it and how do you recognize it, when you see it standing in front of you? Simple questions that seem insoluble at first glance. Therefore, as the most popular answer, I suspect: “Well, I have no idea!” So, on what does our blessedness depend on and how can we become more joyful?

In my opinion, happiness lays only in the eye of the beholder. So many people have tried to develop a universal key. Still, something understandable has hardly originated. Humanity now even provides mathematical formulas that should help to be happy. The equation is interminable and its meaning behind is veiled. In short, this formula asserts that the happiness of the individual depends directly on the happiness of his fellow human beings. I would not have needed a formula for that. Ending your egoism and enjoying the felicity of others does the trick! In addition, the formula entangles variables such as expectations, rewards, life decisions and much more. Expressing these factors in numbers seems impossible to me. But, do you even need disturbing calculations to find your luck? Can one express happiness in numbers? Some will say: “Yes, ten million in my account. That’s happiness, right there!”

When is the mentioned mathematician happy? Does expressing his happiness in incomprehensible symbols make him happy? Maybe he only does the high-paying job for extended vacation trips with the wife, because they mean happiness to him. Maybe the man is physically disabled, and he enjoys using his razor-sharp mind. I´m only writing this, to make something clear: happiness is something different for everyone, that only the individual can distinguish. Some need money in the account, others are satisfied with an intact family, circle of friends or even their own health.

React with the circumstances

Over the years, I’ve learned that happiness comes solely from our reactions to the environment. In other words: Life does not suck. Our way of reacting to it does! I mean, we never appreciate that our nose is clear until the first day of the flu. We do not care that we can jump out of bed in the morning … until we catch up with the first herniated disc. I could continue these examples endlessly. What I am trying to tell you, everyone can figure out for themselves. In addition, I would like to throw another point of view on the topic:
Imagine waking up in a good mood and looking forward to a morning coffee. While you prepare your cereal, you notice, that the coffee powder is used up. You forgot to buy some. Now, you have two options: You can let this circumstance pull you down and ruin your good mood, or you ignore the situation and get a hot drink on your way to work. Maybe you will get to know someone, exchange some nice words with the saleswoman, etc. You simply twist your bad experience into a nice one. However, if you let your mood be spoiled by this inconvenience, become stubborn or angry (probably about yourself), you may even take your own chance of having a better experience.

This is what I would call the eye of the beholder. Depending on how you react to a situation, you feel. Thus, it should be clear to everyone that he/ she alone can decide if he/ she is happy. After all, we ourselves are the masters of our thoughts and reactions to our environment. That means, you can consciously choose to stay calm. Just try it. The reactions of your fellow human beings, who expect a rage outburst, are worth it! This does not work from one day to the other, but as always in personal growth: You get a bit better every day.

A consideration for conclusion:

Another important consideration is about what you really need to be happy. Depending on the person you ask, the answers vary between: “food, drink, health and a bed” to “villas around the world, matching sports cars and daily changing bikini beauties.” Both views are understandable, reasonable and sound good. However, if you think about it for a moment, which one would you rather be? The one who has nothing and is happy or the one who is only happy when he has everything.

What ultimately makes you smile, you have to know or find out for yourself  This article is just a support to help you realize how well you are already doing. A big step to being happy!

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