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26. October 2018
A better life 17: Our biggest fear
11. December 2018

A better life 16: Fear

It used to be necessary

Everyone knows fear. She helped us thousands of years in our development. She warned us of a threatening situation. She helped us focus, take care and extend our live expectancy. Maybe we could even feel, when a saber-toothed tiger was standing in front of our cave or another dangerous situation was in the making. This remained unchanged for a long time. Even in the Middle Ages fear was important to survive. There were no more saber-toothed tigers, but wild boars, snakes, all sorts of other animals and, of course, people, who wanted to injure us.
In the meantime, however, we have arrived in the third millennium and have taken control of the planet. There are hardly any dangerous situations in our latitudes. If so, then they are usually avoidable with common sense. There are hardly any dangerous animals in our area and according to statistics, people are more and more peaceful – there are steadily fewer murders and criminal assaults (even if the media shows you something different). In addition, the things that scare us have changed radically: job loss, exams, the need for money – all things we did not or barely knew in the past and that we created ourselves.

What scares us?

In the past, we probably used to be afraid, when we entered new, unknown terrain. As we never knew what to expect – we had to stay alarmed. However, we had to explore new areas in order to discover new food sources and resources to develop further. Meanwhile, our environment has changed, but the fear remains the same. Every time we move outside of our usual habitat (the comfort zone), we notice nervousness (Could also be called the fear of the unknown), which is in fact out of place. In the unknown city, vacation country or among new people – what logic supports fearing the new? The possibility, that I’m being quartered in the unknown city, robbed by highwaymen or being attacked by a bear is rather rare these days. What do we then, rationally, fear?

In my understanding: We might like the new. We might have fun and the new could be very different from what our mind or ego is feigning us. We are afraid, that we might continue to develop and, above all, we are afraid of the opinion of others. We are trapped in our path of personal development and are afraid of losing friends and family, as we are changing and might no longer fit into the outdated picture of our closest circle. However, once you have conquered the fear, you will draw new people into your live, that will fit a lot better than the old ones.

Where does fear arise?

To become the master of your own fear, there is one main thing to understand: fear/ anxiety arises only in your head and your thoughts. This means, that you can counteract by understanding, that the fear is useless for the moment. However, if you want to counteract your fear while on safari in Africa, you might want to rethink that for a moment. In this situation your fear might be useful! Not because of a saber-toothed tiger, but a “common” tiger could spoil your day, also.
In my opinion, the next step in human development is the development of our mind and our society. Only when we can approach a person with a different skin color without fear, the racism in the individual is conquered. Only when we fearlessly oppose our chains, we can brake them. Only when we are free from existential fears, we can exist freely. Only when we put off the fear of our development, it picks up speed. Only when we realize, that we are actually afraid of love, we will be able to love unconditional. 

A life without fear

Can you imagine living without fear? What do you think, would that be like? Do you even think that’s possible? Leave me a comment or write me an e-mail, I’m interested in the opinion of others – here is mine:
As I have already written in some parts of “Conscious Living”: we draw our thoughts into our reality. This means, that when we are afraid, we draw more situations that scare us into our lives. When we then decide for ourselves and stop being afraid, we gather new experiences and broaden our horizon. We notice, that the fear was pointless and start to grow more and more into the new situations. The result is a cycle that costs us a piece of our fear every day – until we finally leave it behind. The reward is a new quality life, although hardly anything has changed on the outside – but you are a new person.

Have fun playing with your fear and be sure – it only exists, if you think about it!




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