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Conscious Living 15: Advertising

Advertising – always and everywhere

Almost all over the world, we are unquestioningly exposed to one of the greatest scourges of mankind: advertising. We are showered with commercials, getting the colorful pictures on the street, see them on the internet and can´t help but have to look at them. Not listening is even harder, they say. Over time, advertising and marketing have become more and more sophisticated. Psychologists spend their time to figure out how they can sell a product in “better” and easier ways and resort to unfair means. An example of this is subliminal advertising:

Subliminal advertising

In the past in cinematographic films, individual frames were replaced by advertisements for test attempts. For the viewer, this went unnoticed. In the subconscious, however, he developed a desire for the product shown – if it suited to one of his current needs. So, you sat in the cinema, your stomach grumbled while on the screen, for a split-second: “Hunger – Popcorn” or “Drink Cola” appeared. Thus, a subliminal need was awakened. The goal of this approach is to prevent a defense reactions (!) of the consumer – which I classify as f*****g sick! What the subconscious mind does with the information, is an idea no one has thought of. As with everything, our brain sometimes needs to process information. I think that the subconscious advertising generally and always strikes – however, when it does is impossible to measure, as each brain is different and needs a different amount of time to become aware of information. A lust for popcorn and coke is created.

Meanwhile, this is subtracted in a similar dirty way on television: product placement. While this is not counted as subliminal advertising, the borders blur in my mind. Although the German television station has to announce that the program is financed by product placements – the ratio between announcement and advertising, however, is just plain wrong. In addition, the placements are so well hidden, that they hardly attract attention to a brain that is not schooled. An actor fetches a bottle from the fridge, talking about the new offer of a smartphone manufacturer or discussing the purchase of a car. The advertising is thus built into the story and should also give the feeling that the “heroes from television” has similar problems as the viewer. The brain in the after-work mode, may take this or at least pretend this is a kind of advice from a friend. At least that’s what I think happens with some series of the category “shallow entertainment”.

The effect on children

The biggest marketing suckers are those, who aim for children. Advertising should be banned from the nursery and any company that targets the youngest should be blocked by the adults. Let’s take a famous fast food chain, which is just a clown or pretends to be a king: They sell a fixed menu that comes with a toy and pull the adults into the store, using the kids. After all, there’s also a playground or a ball bath and the food tastes “good”. Only few people figure, that our sense of taste is only fooled with flavor enhancers. That the menu is expensive and the feeling of satiety vanishes within an hour does not seem to matter. After all, the combination of fried fat and sugar in daily doses is an addictive combination – and pure poison for a developing brain. The small burger shop around the corner, which uses fresh and genuine meat, bakes the rolls itself and peels and cuts the fries in the kitchen of course loses against the giant, who spends millions in advertising – as long as we allow it. Rethinking is need and announced!

On my Instagram profile I have already addressed the matter of the children’s kitchen. In the store the shopping baskets containing the products of Nestle (they have to fall first!) are of course cheaper than the brand-less alternative. So it’s understandable that this product is chosen, as everybody is trying to save money. But: a better conditioning, than using the products in childhood, while playing in your own small shop buying or selling them, is hard to find. There are coffee machines for children manufactured by famous companies – why? You will find cooking pots that have the logo of a famous manufacturer printed on them and overpriced branded clothes for babies. Wherever this leads mankind to, everyone should come up with their own ideas. Education is ultimately the responsibility of the parents. But everyone has to develop self-reliant thinking and empathy for the child by himself.


Advertising is needed – really?

How necessary is advertising? It is generally believed that this overpays our overly expensive film productions, product development, etc. Nevertheless, people without equity in their garage are constantly changing the world. It depends on the idea!

The biggest companies are making billions and do that with bad products. Take the black brew that you can buy anywhere in the world – with 35 pieces of sugar on a liter of beverage. Does the product really taste good or do we drink it, because we are told that it tastes good? I personally prefer a coke from a small manufacturer in the area. What would happen if the big manufacturer stopped shooting advertisements at us like they do now? I think, that the companies would be destroyed within one to two generations. After all, there are endless alternatives that are healthier with a taste that is not reminiscent of a pharmacy.

For now, I think we still need advertising. Over time, however, more and more people will fight back and inform themselves. To be clueless in the age of information is ultimately a decision or a determination. Such people slow down our development, but they have to understand this for themselves first – but this is on its way and will arrive faster than you think.

I’m happy about comments and sharing my article. I wish for a bigger reach for my articles, so more people wake up and become aware that they are a small cog in our way of life. After all, each gear keeps the big machine running. However, if one breaks down or the muzzle is brazed off of further turning, this changes the effect for the machine completely . By the way other gear wheels also notice that they can pause and start to not care if the machine that prints money for others keeps running.


Christian-Lothar Ludwig




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