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2. September 2018
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16. September 2018

Conscious Living 14: Peace

It is time for peace

Do you know someone who wants a new war? I’ve talked to several people about this topic and a lot of them thought, that war was needed to help us evolve and improve our world. I say, we are done with war!! For thousands of years, we have been kicking each other’s heads in and create ways to evolve our weapons and make them more painful, precise and able to kill across greater distances. Besides suffering, grief and pain, this has only brought money into the pockets of a few. It cost us, among other things, a bathed in blood Middle Age, uncountable deaths and therefore widows and orphans. To hell: who wants to live like this? If one wants to, then he should go to war all alone and stopp dragging the population of a country into his misfortune. The same goes for religion. Anyone who thinks that God requires him to kill people, should rethink. God turns away from this kind of people, don´t you think?

Peace and respect

Let´s suppose humanity grows and leaves its differences over the tanning of the skin (closer to the equator – more sun – darker skin – that´s logical, isn´t it?), religion (there are thousands of gods, yours is right? – whatever, it’s yours) or this printed paper that we call currency behind – what then? Is that peace? Is that enough for peace? What does peace look like? In my opinion, peace has a powerful synonym, but hardly anyone thinks about it: Respect.

What does a world look like where everyone respects each other? It is probably enough, if everyone gives value to the life of the other – also known as respect. However, this should be self-evident in an advanced society. Let´s suppose I, as a xenophobic jackass manage to soften my hatred to a point, where I can pass a fellow citizen of other origin, without getting upset about things I know considerably less about, than I´d like to admit? By that, I mean the story of these people – be they veiled, wearing a burka or a turban. It is their life. Who knows how much they had to go through? So, if you have nothing good to contribute, stay out of it. That should happen vice versa. Amen!

Now things are getting crazy: what if we also respect our planet and stop destroying it little by little. Sustainability is the keyword. Do I have to buy oranges in the German supermarket all year round or is it enough to buy them from time to time – when they are “on sale”? In exchange, there are countless local fruit varieties that taste a lot better, than the oranges, which are creaked over thousands of miles to my discounter. The resources we burn spreading them are not much, for one truck. Imagine every truck we got on the streets. The Germans say: Small cattle also craps – a lot of small cattle craps therefore a lot. Oranges are just an example to declare my point. In the other parts of “Conscious Living” I have mentioned a few – for instance: Sand.


What will happen, when we are at peace

Imagine what the world would look like, when we are at peace. I consider this the next stage in human development and the only logical step for our race to take. We get countless examples of how this could look like from the animal kingdom: ants, wolves, penguins, whales … etc. They all have peculiarities of pack formation and living together. We can only learn from them. An abandoned wolf dies slowly and excruciating – in the pack, they are strong. Imagine the strength of humanity, when everyone works together and helps each other. Inconceivably? Yet!

Examples from the animal kingdom

To focus on one animal species is probably not the non-plus-ultra, as each species shows us an area, in which we can improve. Regarding the wolves, the alpha male walks as the last one in the pack and pays attention to everyone. The old and weak wolves walk up front and determine the speed of the pack. Thus, all animals are integrated, take care of each other and live together. In humans, the ranking is probably similar and yet different. An “old wolf”, who can barely “help with hunting”, can easily live off the other humans – after all, we have our food sources under control – in contrast to the wolves.

Penguins push fellow species off cliffs to check if the water is free of sea lions, sharks, etc. This is  the unfriendly way, but penguins also take turns breeding. The male protects the egg while the female is foraging. One rests and as soon as the significant other is back, the animals exchange roles. If something happens to one of the parents during the search for food – what is the matter then? Would it justify the mother plunging another mother to death, only to be sure, that she will reach her egg safely? Assuming that the penguins collectively rear their offspring and perfectly communicate with each other while foraging – would the unfriendly way still be needed? Perhaps the childless would jump into the water. That would be an incredible progressive kind of evolution. If you have no kids, you take risks protecting the offspring of others and to give them the best possible life – a noble thought.

In the human kingdom you can observe this behavior in some places. After the Fukushima disaster, it was the elderly citizens that volunteered to clean up and expose themselves to radiation – always knowing, that the cancer would take longer to develop, than they had time left to live. Such people should be honored – instead, we celebrate athletes and actors, by the way.

With these lines I would like to clarify that there is a lot to learn by watching animals, but everyone has to decide for themselves which part he/she thinks is right for him/her, which one should stay in the animal kingdom and which one needs some development. What do you think about this? Leave me a comment! Iam looking forwand to any kind of making contact.



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