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18. August 2018
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Conscious Living 11: The church

Association, community, sect, cult, church?

What do you think about an association, that has about 200 billion euros in the bank, monthly demands a membership fee in the form of taxes and still asks for donations at every meeting? What do you think about a charitable organization that prefers to invest its assets in real estate transactions and investments, rather than providing for the poor and sick? How do you deal with an association that protects child molesters? How should you trust an association, if it refuses to publish proper numbers? Why can a gathering of “religious people” generate billions of euros a year and not have to pay taxes? How can a state compensate a church for expropriations that happened hundreds of years ago, but demand as much tax from the citizen as possible? I smell injustice.

You may notice: I dislike the church, a lot. However, I would not like to generalize this to every “man of God”, but to those who hold the strings in their hands and abuse them. There are certainly many religious people who are divine with the best of intentions or who live their own image of church and religion. My question: Do you really need an association to be a believer? Can I prove my connection with God only in a church or can I do it anytime, anywhere? Do I need someone to tell me what is right and wrong, what is a sin, and what I have to do to smooth something out? Do I not decide for myself?

Believe whatever you want

In my opinion, everyone should believe whatever one wants. Whether you call it the universe, God, the flying spaghetti monster, mother nature, Satan or Cthulu – it does not really matter. It’s all a name for something higher than you, that helps you to get through life and that you can not see with your eyes. An atheist disagrees, but that’s his opinion. However, for this article, let´s stick to the faith in which I was born: Christianity or the Catholic Church.

One thing I noticed throughout my life with religion was, that the church never helped me with anything. I was baptized as a baby and already trapped in this belief. Years later I was told that I had to go to communion, later to confirmation. At that time I was young, surrendered to the desire of others and participated. Meanwhile, I try to find some meaning behind these practices and to justify them. But even with the best will, I can only figure one reason: I am bringing in some money.

Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church has places of worship that are in effect just four walls wit a lot of pageantry? Would it not be appropriate for a religion to renounce pageantry and to help the needy with the money? If God really exists, do you think she would approve of what’s going on? The church considers itself the prolonged arm of God, but it is man-made and therefore has errors. Keep that in mind, no matter how much you trust God … the Church has the Pope as the boss, not God.

Suffering  helps, supposedly

In my opinion, the Church is spreading the world view, that suffering liberates and helps. In addition, a quote from a Catholic, German website I translated word for word:
“The fruits of suffering are remorse and the transformation of the senses. It teaches people to practice humility and protects them from sin and disorderly love for the world. ”

Please think about this two-liner for a few minutes. What does it say? Suffering is the answer to our questions? Love has to run in certain ways to be love? If I suffer, am I protected from sins (what sin)? Above all, I think its beneath contempt for this organization to use the word love at all. In their eyes, the love between a man and a woman is a different love than that between same-sex couples. Actually they should promote love … The love of the Lord is there for everyone … blablabla. Some people simply seem to be more equal than others. There is a word for this: hypocrite.

The Secret Archives of the Vatican

What do you think: Why does the church have a secret archive with writings that are hidden from the public? Only people with a university degree and a research assignment get access. In total, there are 85 kilometers of shelves, full of information from all eras. The first works are dated to the 8th century and range from Michelangelo’s letters to Empress Sissi of Austria/ Hungary to Abraham Lincoln. There are orders of ecclesiastical rulers who allow torture to elicit confessions from heretics and witches. All mementos of a time, that should be forgotten – at least from the Vatican´s point of view.
Incidentally, the church only publishes documents that are older than 70 years. Currently, they refuse to let the Vatican’s collaboration with the National Socialists come to light. However, interested people should read in more about this topic themselves.

Facts to go:

Here are a few facts about the Catholic Church and the Vatican, which we have not been taught in religious education:

After the translation of the Bible into English in 1611, fourteen out of a total of 80 books of the Bible were simply removed in the year 1684. So far, I have not been able to find reasons for this, except that the Bible itself is only a part of the Jewish scriptures and everybody wants to be a sole heir in a will. Therefore, parts of the text are deleted, changed or new ones added. Makes sense, but sounds very much like conspiracy theory, right?

In the Vatican live about 850 people, but only about 570 of them have Vatican citizenship. The proportion of foreigners is therefore around 33%. Incidentally, about 3,000 employees work in the Vatican.

In the Vatican there is no sales tax and no land ownership. Who wants to live in the Vatican for rent, must necessarily occupy a position. The rent then costs 4% of the income, telephone and electricity are free.

The Vatican has the least used train station in the world. In 2011, Pope Benedict arrived here, before that, it was last used in 2002 and 1979. Occasionally, groups of pilgrims and goods were brought to the Vatican City. This is how to fire up money professionally!

The more one deals with the history and the machinations of this “divine” association, the more repulsive the whole thing seems to be. If you then clarify the difference of a religion to a sect, you will become more aware of how much we let these hypocrites persuade us. If you decide to still participate or to abrogate church – this decision is up to every individual, of course.


C-L Ludwig



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