Conscious Living 10: Schools and learning

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5. August 2018
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Conscious Living 10: Schools and learning

What´s your easiest way of learning?

How does a person learn the easiest way? Is there a manual, fitting to everybody or does each individual need different methods? If everyone was taught their knowledge in a different way, what would happen in our schools, and why do some old-aged people still not know how to acquire knowledge the best way possible? People usually learn by watching, trying, reading, getting told and explained, or various other methods. It´s still a fact, that something, that I understand perfectly well in one way, can remain entirely misleading for the person standing next to me.
However, this has nothing to do with intelligence, but rather with our own view of problems, our approach and above all, the willingness and interest to learn. However, if one of the last two is missing, all attempts to teach someone something are hopeless. But where does the negative attitude towards new thinking and knowledge in some people come from? Perhaps our schools have influenced our reality so much, that even in our old age, we still feel afraid to think for ourselves and therefore rebel?

Our schools…

In school, we get convinced, that only the teacher’s approach is the right one. If you use other methods to get to the result, this will be punished with point deduction. Who sees a great life-lesson in this? Hopefully no one, because it is far from good education or preparation for adulthood. When I am a child and my agenda is constantly set and my only requirements are to hash and rehash, memorize and imitate – to what kind of adult will I develop?

Please ask a student how he passes his exams. The most-heard answer: Absorb the exam material a few days prior, then vomit your knowledge onto the exam sheet and then forget everything. Our school system is no longer about acquired knowledge, but about passing. That’s a huge difference.

Instead of explaining the younger generation coherences in an age-appropriate way and then pushing them to apply the knowledge, children are increasingly degraded to mindless puppets, who are supposed to surrender to consumption. They graduate from school, can calculate integrals, know a programming language that was outdated years ago, and in addition, they learn some useless stuff in music lessons, instead of letting them try an instrument and arouse their passion. “After all, our society has always been like this!” Whether this attitude has improved a lot in recent years and where this will lead in the future, is something, everyone should think about for themselves.

In my opinion, our schools should be rigorously updated. In Germany, we spend over 32 billion euros a year on defense. For education, however, it is less than 19 billion. In my lifetime, however, I can hardly think of an event in which this defense was necessary. In contrast, children go to school every day. Problem is: The views are probably shifted by the media: They create fear to pump money into specific industries. Stupid thing is, that silently our future generations are turned into brainless zombies.

..and the school system

Has anyone ever wondered why we are never taught how a tax declaration works? Why does no one tell us to question things? Why are we saving on the wrong side and our most important resource (the children)? Why does teacher shortage hardly bother any politician, while they blow up great debates about unimportant things? What is the reason, that we are taught to be subordinate and to keep quiet? I could stretch this list forever, but for starters, these examples are more than enough.
Please picture a preschooler: It usually asks hundreds of questions a day, is curious and wants to explore its world. Now put this child into our school system and let it “learn” for a few years. What has changed in this child? Is this good progress?

Your way of learning

What I want to tell you with this article is, that everyone is responsible for themselves and should distrust our school system more. Always agreeing and accepting the law has often gone awry in history. People who sought and killed Jews around 1942 acted under the law. However, those who hid Jews in order to save lives were the lawbreakers. Think about it!

If you want to learn, you can do it for a lifetime. However, you should first give some thought or try out how to achieve the best learning effect for yourself. As soon as there is interest or the profession is fun for you, learning becomes a playful experience. This way of learning is incomparable to learning at school, when you had to know things that never interested you.
Maybe countless people still think, that learning has to feel like it did, when they went to school and therefore reject new thought patterns. Maybe there are other, deep-seated reasons. But this is something, the individual has to know or figure out for himself. The most important thing to know, though, is whether you want to stay in your rut or change something. The more knowledge you have, the easier it gets.

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Have fun learning


C-L Ludwig

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