A better life 30: Nature´s inspiration

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18. April 2019
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29. April 2019

A better life 30: Nature´s inspiration

There are infinite ways to find inspiration. In my previous post, I have described some man-made inspiration and would therefore like to dedicate this article to another omnipresent possibility: nature. Depending on your personality you like the forest, the water, the beach or the mountains or anything in between. Some like sun and heat, others snow and cold weather. Some like the seasons, others prefer to have similar climate every day. Depending on where you are, the animals, the plants and the rocks vary as well as the weather and the clouds. Accordingly, you will find different kinds of inspiration.

Why I write these lines:

Anyone who walks our planet with open eyes will discover an unimaginable amount of inspiration. However, reading and processing it is an art, that seems extremely difficult or even non-existent for inexperienced persons. With some examples from my side, I would like to help you with any difficulties, as I can imagine, that you only have to understand the principle and quickly start to seek and find your own inspiration. The following list should therefore be an aid and shows experiences, that I have made. In inspiration, however, everyone sees something different and should rate it  accordingly. What I see can be completely different for someone else – keep that in mind.

I would also like to mention, that we are globally connected “on the outside” through the internet – something that was unimaginable 100 years ago. This way, we can get inspiration “from all over the world”, educate ourselves and learn – or watch cats or violence videos – that can be just as inspiring. I (!) am reassured by cats, but I have seen enough violence. However, there is an unwritten “rule”: Everyone as he needs it. In my view, it is therefore important to do what you want to do – in every moment. This is how we guide ourselves along the simplest / best possible path of self-discovery. But this may also involve, among other things, loss, anxiety and panic attacks – that helps us grow or pushes us down. To decide, whether it´s one or the other is up to the individual – even what the simplest / best possible way looks like or has to look like – you may have been walking it all your life. But let’s come to my examples:

Nature´s inspiration


There is a lot to say about a tree, but I would like to restrict myself to the (for me) most important feature: No matter how tall a tree protrudes into the sky, its smallest root goes just as deep into the ground and “into the dark”. To me, that is an approach to our personal growth: the higher I want to be, the deeper I have to go. However, there are also trees, that spread their roots – especially in arid areas – over a wide area – another type of inspiration.


I have already used this approach in my book Midnight Sun, because I like this one very much: When catching crabs, the animals are transported in buckets, without the risk of ever losing one. This happens, because a crab, that is on the run and climbs to the edge of the bucket – is pulled back down from other crabs. Thus, the life of the “rebellious” crabs is limited by their conspecifics and all die in the saucepan. Actually, that´s idiotic.

plant seeds

Similar to a tree, a plant seed opens downwards, first “into the darkness” and then up to the light. Whether they all do this the same way – no idea – I was only told that one and that was sufficient to me.


About insects I could write books, as I think the small animals are so fascinating. They form the foundation of the food chain and therefore are the basis to all other species. The bigger the animal, the bigger its feed – this extends from top to the insects at the bottom. Currently, we are on the verge of the insect mass extinction, which would have meant the beginning of the end of humanity. They said, that it will take only four years for mankind to die, after the last bee has lost his life. However, more and more people are realizing this and many small hands doing little things are changing the face of our planet.

I have used many examples from the insect kingdom in other articles and also in the children’s books “Being happy with Nevis” and the – German only – book “Nevis vom Pfalzgrafenplatz”. My stage play “Nevis and the trash” (in German)  is also about the hatching of a butterfly and how a “conscious” caterpillar, who knows “what´s up” would see the world. Incidentally, in this example, I consciously ignore the original state as an egg:

– Caterpillars often look terrible, yet they develop into a beautiful butterfly – but this also happens vice verca!
– Caterpillars eat just about anything, while a butterfly lands exactly on flowers intended for him.
– Caterpillars crawl on the ground, pupate and
dis-solve (themselves) to become a flying butterfly


Wolves in the wild behave very differently than our image of the alpha male, who constantly has to fight for his supremacy, mediates. When a wolf is submissive to another, it does so voluntarily. A forced submission is thus non-existent. Actually, couples always form a pack. They stay together for a lifetime and raise the offspring together. They only mate with each other, while the offspring has a fool´s license and can do whatever they want. The adult young animals migrate, while the offspring of other different ages stay with the parents. Much more human than you think, I think. Incidentally, the old picture of the wolves was created during observations in captivity – this is important to know!


There are species of starfish that are now spreading uncontrollably across the oceans, through the unconscious help of humans. They travel on boats and in ship’s tanks through the oceans, settling in new habitats and destroying coral reefs and the habitats of other animals through their massive reproduction rate. They could almost be called a “brainless plague”, for which we need an antidote. Other species of starfish, however, are threatened with extinction – it is an fascinating species from which humanity can learn a lot!

The ocean

As a habitat for unimaginable biodiversity, the sea is simply huge and looks like it can´t be moved by any force. Nevertheless, it is affected by the moon – low tide and high tide. There always seems to be a bigger fish.


Anyone who lies down on a meadow and watches the clouds, can observe something inspiring for him. If you question yourself, you can often find an answer in the clouds. BUT: believing, that this way of communication exists, does helps immensely. I use searching and finding pictures in the clouds as a kind of game, intended to stimulate the imagination.

Moon and Sun

The sun is the starting point of our life´s energy – without our sun, there would be no humanity. It provides light and warmth, is responsible for the growth of plants and consequently for the existence of animals. Even at night, we notice the sun – reflected by the moon. As Pink Floyd stated on their “Dark Side of the Moon” album: “There is no dark side in the moon, really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark. The only thing that makes it look light is the sun.”

While on the go

This compilation contains my views and my way of interpreting the mentioned inspiration. Especially in the insect kingdom, however, there are so many life forms with different habits, specialties and abilities, that there has to be a fit to every human being. Still, it is important to search for inspiration, then the inspiration finds you. Sometimes, you just have to start and trust your way, you will find everything you need to realize your own goals on the way. Have fun being inspired and inspiring!

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Danke – Gracias – Thank you


C-L Ludwig











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