A better life 26: Time
4. February 2019
A better life 28: Suffer and Love
18. April 2019

A better life 27: Boundaries

Where are your (mental) boundaries and borders? Where did they come from or why do they exist and when did they come into existence? As a child, it was so easy to start a conversation, make new friends and have fun. You were fearless and never aware of any danger. Then you got older and started to not dare to fly to a country, because you were told, that it is dangerous. Also, when did it get too much to address another man / woman in a bar or the grocery store. When did normality become the boundaries or blockage, that limits countless people in their possibilities. Especially in the second example, the worst scenario is an extravagant “no”, that every human should be able to cope with. So: why do many people not dare to say “hello” to a stranger – I simply missed the insight, that almost all people want to live a peaceful and friendly life and are for the most part nice.

Break some boundaries

What is needed to overcome one of these boundaries? If you look seriously at it: Hardly anything, except a few seconds to gather your courage and ignore the possible negative consequences. In the beginning, this works sluggish, but with time and some experiences you become more self-confident and self-conquering gets easier – until the boundaries eventually disappear. This also brings a small change in personality: one becomes more open and therefore appeals others. The important thing is to be clear, that staying silent could lead to far more negative experiences, than opening your mouth. Who now thinks, that he has always managed with his mouth shut, should possibly think about where he would be with an open one.

As always, the boundaries are similar on the in- and outside. Outside we have drawn borders and declared areas to countries. Depending on which border we want to cross, things are easier or more difficult. Sometimes we know what to expect in the new country, at other times we cross a border clueless and are looking forward to the new impressions that will come our way. Thinking works similarly – think about it.

The border to positivity

The hardest of all boundaries – at least in my opinion – is the one to positivity. The reason is, that we have secured this border properly – for fear that we might like the country behind it. Overcoming them requires time and a daily willingness to change. Over time, you figure positive points of view, that we commonly call insights – and throw the negative unnoticed overboard. So, day by day, you change your attitude to life, that so many have lost or become unconscious of at some point between television, advertising, and perfect looks.

For me, life is about breaking down boundaries, dissolving and destroying them – everything that creates more space! What boundaries do you have, which do you want to dissolve and how are you planing on doing that? Leave me a comment, write me an e-mail or a message via social media.




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