Conscious Living 25: Apocalypse
25. January 2019
Conscious Living 27: Boundaries
17. February 2019

Conscious Living 26: Time

Time is an extraordinary construct. Humanity has defined time, given it a zero point and divided it into years, days, hours and minutes. But, if it exists at all – opinions differ. As a race, we have only agreed on a universally valid system, that allows us to communicate about periods and points in time. Historically, this has been done in a variety of forms and variations. Partly religious events, the death of a human being, stellar constellations and reigns were set as units or zero point. Currently, we have the supposed birth of a man as our zero point. Established about 500 years after his birth, calculated using the Bible as the source. The thing is, who cares, if we miscalculated 1000 years or not – we are alive. We also know that we have limited time available – so, what’s left, other than to use it?

In my opinion, we live only in one moment: the present. The past and the future exist only in our minds – as memory or wishful thinking (positive / negative, both combined). Also, time is an excellent example of how we all see different realities: an event, that lasts one hour can feel like 30 minutes to me, while it feels like two hours for the guy next to me. We see an identical show, but with two different mindsets / personalities / interests. One enjoys the show, the other is probably somewhere else in thoughts.

The good and the bad times

Each of us has experienced good and bad times. However, how we define the good and the bad is entirely up to us. I figured, that looking back on past experiences often provides insights for the present. That’s how I noticed, that in retrospect, I can find a positive outcome to all events in my life. Subsequently, the consideration came to mind, that every moment in life is good. We often see the good in hindsight only. But, being clear about this, allows you to life in the moment – which, after all, is always good; but has to mature sometimes.

In my mind, we have good and bad times for one reason: we know that both pass. In bad times, we can therefore be sure, that they will end some day. On the other hand, we should enjoy the good times – as we are also aware, that they will be gone someday. In this approach, we consider a medal from both sides – in everyday life, this is often forgotten and only one side considered – as we are used to.

Time goes faster with age

Why does time go faster with age? According to scientific research, this is because we learn less and less new things with age. The brain stores new information extensively, while the familiar gets only brief attention. That roughly means: a trained brain lasts longer. If you walk around with your eyes open, you will notice this relatively easy, regarding older people. Those who are busy, have goals and never stopped learning are usually more active, healthier, and happier than those, who spend their time watching television and only following the “daily grind”.

And now suppose you know about this – life at retirement age will be better, if you train your brain along the way and keep on doing so. Nowadays, when you talk to workers who are about to retire and ask, what they plan to do at the end of their work-lives, you usually get a shrug. In my opinion, these are the people who are at high risk for, for example, dementia. Therefore, every single one should train his thinking apparatus – even if it is only a few minutes a day. At some point, this will benefit the individual again.

What is your opinion on this subject? Have you been thinking about this in detail? Did you get any results? Leave me a comment, write me an e-mail or contact me via social media. I am looking forward to every message!




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