Conscious Living 24: Heaven and hell
25. January 2019
Conscious Living 26: Time
4. February 2019

Conscious Living 25: Apocalypse

What is this apocalypse?

When we talk about the Apocalypse, most people think of an ugly event in the future. The idea is based on movies and religion, while the individual has never thought about what an apocalypse might look like in reality. Is it over within a moment or does it take a day, a week, several years? For the individual, it is probably unimaginable what this event looks like. How it affects humanity, however, I can explain. But first, I have to convey some things about our consciousness:

Being aware – better be conscious

We are all connected through consciousness. It is the explanation for premonitions, inspirations and everything that you have ever seen, felt, or touched in your life. We are made, so to speak, of consciousness. For the apocalypse, a living being in a universe has to become the full consciousness to wake everyone else from their deep sleep. This happens through an impulse that goes unnoticed by the majority of the world’s population. Only those with already increased consciousness become aware of the subtle change in the atmosphere. But, this is considered null and forgotten. At first, nobody talks about something happening – after all, the words, the knowledge and the memory are missing. Over time, more and more people notice, that something has changed. Where once boundaries prevailed their minds, there is now space freed. People are becoming more open and nicer, more accessible, and in other ways as well: the world is more relaxed.

This again affects the thoughts and experiences of the individuals and they, as if by themselves, become more positive. As a result, the outside world gets better and the process repeats itself again. It creates a kind of chain reaction / snowball effect, with which we push each other to lead a better life. No god, no cavalry from heaven, no superstar or angel is required. It is popularly said, that consciousness is God – in my opinion, consciousness is love (and God maybe an invention of people to distract us from this, depends on your point of view). So, the resolution to the question in the headline is: During the Apocalypse, we start to love ourselves and each other unconditionally.


The Church and other religions often speak of a rapture/ translation in which the believers are drawn to heaven and the unbelievers are judged by a bloody sword or get burning souls or what do I know – such a nonsense! This is hard to explain in English, but the translation is wrong. Therefore, the English will probably need to take a lot of new words from German. We´ll see how this goes, but meanwhile:
We should act up and think of things we would never dare to think. Peace, for example, that would be crazy! Besides, hardly anyone has found his place in the world – maybe because our places are displaced, and we have to move them. In normal language, this means: Find what you want to do for a lifetime and put your talent, time and love into the product – whether that’s music, art, engineering, hair cutting or selling vegetables – love makes everything more fun.

When does this happen?

My apocalypse was early to mid-May 2018. But, I forgot the exact date – it was just one day of many. When will you celebrate your breakout? In my opinion, personality development is the only logical step to take in this universe. Where this leads, is uncertain. I know only one thing: It’s getting better.


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