Conscious Living 20: Self-perception
11. January 2019
Conscious Living 22: Responsibility and guilt
21. January 2019

Conscious Living 21: Your world view

If you turn on the evening-news, you learn mostly about conflicts, crimes, violence, corporations and extremely rich or as beautiful interpreted people. Keep in mind: this is only the worldview, that TV channels want to impose to you, in order to generate ratings and make. Of course, the effect on the individual is ignored. Therefore, it is only logical that some individuals can not cope with this “crappy world”  – after all, they get a mainly negative image on the world-events served. The fact, that countless people help with every catastrophe often remains on the track or is only marginally mentioned .

This is where our perspective on events comes into play. In Morocco, when something falls to the ground, they say “For good luck” – The German starts cursing. The Moroccan remains relaxed, for the Germans it is often the beginning of a bad day. Much like the North Africans do with a trifle, each one of us is free to see the image of the world that he wants to see. But: how should that work? – relatively simple: power of thought.

Your world view – My world view

Each of us has a different view of the world – or, in other words: the reality of each person is completely different from that of another. The same sentence or the same experience can be interpreted completely different by two individuals. Some see a car accident as a second chance, others only the damage and the associated costs. However, this perspective determines if and how we process our experiences. Time heals all wounds, they say – I think this is nonsense. We learn to live with the wound. Healing is something else. They also say, you can either grow from a debacle, or you let it perish you. Which way to go – is up to you.

If we think about our life in hindsight, till this moment: was it really bad or was our current (back then) view about something bad happening to us? Are there any things that spoiled our way of life or did everything turn out to be suitable in retrospect? Because of this thinking, one thing is possible: we can accept every moment as good as possible and be sure, that it is beneficial for us. So: if a wish does not come true, it’s because we get something better, than we could have imagined.

The acceptance of other views

Each of us has different views on each topic. For example, one of the oldest in the world is Thor, God, Allah, or the Smurfs – some imagine that they exist, others reject the idea. Is this a reason why someone is “more right” or “better” than others, only because of some beliefs – definitely no. We only fill a hole that presumably is carried by many, with the hitherto existing ideas of a higher power. Whether the “Allah filler” in any way better than the “Thor filler”, I dare to doubt. However, there are still people who think, that their God is the only true one – then he is, but ONLY for the individual.

We try to force our opinion to each other by force (literally!) for thousands of years. Be it through “holy” wars, dictators or politicians, who do not know their place. However, nothing has really gotten any better – we have rather increased our suffering. A remedy to this process is simple, and we´ve used it for a long time: talking. Only through this way, we can find a common denominator and remove our inconsistencies. Now, some say, “As if that would be so easy!?!” – I say: Yes, it is. We should, however, listen to understand, then answer. So far, we are just listening to answer – a huge difference!

Of course, I am interested in your opinion on this topic! Leave me a comment or write me an e-mail or a message via social media! I am already looking forward to your message!







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