A better life 19: Our language
10. January 2019
A better life 21: Your world view
14. January 2019

A better life 20: Self-perception

When you spend time with your family, friends or acquaintances, you often hear expressions like, “I’m stupid, because …; I’m a jerk, as I…!; As the dork I am, I forgot to .. . “, etc. If you, as mentioned in the last post “language”, reflect your own words closely – it turns out, that talking bad about yourself is a vicious thing to do to yourself. As I have often written, we determine our reality through our thoughts and should actually try to push and improve ourselves. However, if you call yourself an idiot several times a day – what does your future-self look like or what kind of person will you be?

Shut up from time to time

In my opinion, it is extremely important to respect yourself in life. However, we have been accustomed to portray ourselves a lot worse, than we actually are. This has gotten normal over time and therefore, we simply do not know that such trifles do make a difference. If we treat ourselves badly and reflect that outward, then we almost invite our fellow human beings to treat us in a similar way. In that sense, it is sometimes better to hold back your statement for a moment, to think about what you are saying and, above all, whether it is beneficial to any of the participants. In case of doubt, in my opinion, staying calm and waiting is the better alternative – the conversation often starts to take a turn, but: try this for yourself!

Find your own meaning

Anyone who stops “talking badly about themselves” can kill two birds with one stone and actually start to “talk good about themselves”. When you condition yourself in a way, that you can do things, that you can accomplish them and that you are good enough – you built a foundation to “pull” this reality into your life. It works best (in my opinion) if you know what you want to achieve in life. If you just want to have children and live a quiet life with a happy family, you should wish for that. However, those who find their meaning in singing or making music – those should put work and time in this desire and wait patiently, something will develop from your dream. Important is, that you are aware of the power of your thoughts and think of beautiful family days instead of family quarrels – or your first appearances on a stage, then bigger and bigger stages and a larger audience, cheering for you.

I think we live a few steps behind our true life, as we have a distorted image of ourselves. In addition, we are persuaded, that we are not good enough to get what we wish for or are often simply afraid of a better life – after all, we could fall deeper as we fly higher. The possibility, that we could live to our new standard the rest of our lives – we hardly dare to think that.

If you’ve made similar observations, need help with your self-image or just want to talk about something/ anything – leave me a comment or get in touch with me via email or social media!



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