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11. December 2018
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10. January 2019

Conscious Living 18: Wishing

What does wishing have to do with a conscious life? Clearly everything! Even though most people think it´s unimaginable, wishing has a tremendous amount of power, because with them, we control our “universe” and change it – according to our desires. However, if I have mainly negativity in my mind, it is only logical if my reality / world looks similar negative.

In spirituality, you find various practices to wish or to draw future events in his life – only the wishes remain similar. This ranges from a new job over a sandwich to your life partner – you can just wish for anything – as long as it fits into your own imagination. If, as a bad singer, I wish to become a pop star and can hardly imagine this working, then of course chances are high that the desired effect will never happen. Therefore, the question arises: What do you have to pay attention to?

Wishes have to be learned!

What can you do wrong when you´re wishing for something? – Clearly everything! On one hand, you need the right mental attitude, an optimally worded wish and, on the other hand, patience, in order to wait for the fulfillment and not to consider your wish void too early .

For starters, find a quiet place to relax. If you like, you can meditate in advance or put yourself  in a relaxed state in other ways – in the end, it’s about being clear in your mind. Then, you phrase your desire in your thoughts and pay EXTREME attention to the wording. In particular, phrase what you wish for. NEVER what is undesired. In my opinion, the effect is exacerbated when you wish for a activity instead of an item: when you are hungry, you do not think about a Schnitzel, but see yourself eating the desired Schnitzel. If you want a new convertible, think less about the car itself, but how you drive the sports car through serpentine roads and enjoy the sun.

In addition, you should install a time frame in your desire. Within the next three days I want to have a convertible right in front of my doorstep – Do you think that’s possible and does it fit your imagination – no? – can you imagine it within six months – yes – then wait six months. During this time you should stop thinking about the desire and let go. Otherwise, you block your own energy and turn up the difficult for the desire to materialize. Which way your dream comes into your life, is another challenge. Finally, we imagine that the convertible can only be realized through a lottery win; may stiffen us and block other ways it might come into our lifes –  rather remain open and let the universe work its mysterious ways.

After the wish comes accepting

You have wished for a small financial blessing and wait, while you live your life. After a few days you find a bill in a car park, pick it up and rejoice – after all, the whole thing worked and you got money. But what if someone comes up to you and offers you an interesting, better paying job – does that count? I would say it definitely does, but the matter of opinion depends on, among other things, your wording and your way of seeing things. It´s a fact, that you have to do something for your dreams – but in the end, it’s very simple: you follow your intuition and do the things, that you feel like doing in every moment. So you pave the way your dreams use, to appear in your life.

Of course, everyone initially has trouble putting this manual into action. But, as always in life: you have to lose to learn to win. So, do not be intimidated by kickbacks, but see them as one more step towards your goal.

In one of the next posts I will explain the nglish language and explain and why we have been using it wrong for countless years.




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