Midnight Sun

Out of nowhere and like an inspiration, a voice echoed through my head: "Archangel Haniel is dead."
Tears shot up my eyes, everything went black and I colapsed.

Midnight Sun is a spiritual novel, telling the story of a gravedigger in London.
In the first part of the "dancing light" series, the first person narrator discovers a crucified angel on his bedroom wall. Instantly the events overturn and the protagonist is torn into an unusual adventure.

The cover for Midnight Sun was painted by my girlfriend Anna-Theresa Fackler with acrylic on paper. The book is part of a four-part series and was written between March and July 2017. Its about joy and sorrow in a world, where the big picture comes to light. A world, where death is not the end, but in the end, everything is fine. All hidden in the story of a gravedigger.

If you are interested, the button below brings you to the reading sample. For easier reading, there is also a print version, of course.

The English version of the book will be published as paperback and e-book in the next weeks.
Currently, it´s going trough proofreading and editing. It´ill be available as print on demand at all well-known bookstores and online platforms.

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